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For long term service to AllTheKeeps!
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for the excellent Many stakers thank you for your service, and constant responsiveness to feedback
For anyone who might be interest in contributing, I wrote down a bunch of TODOs that I have on my list: (certainly non-comprehensive, a lot more is possible).
If there is anything that tickles your fancy, talk to me first, as I also intend to work on some of those items, so we don't duplicate work.


Hello. I am submitting for this month's PFK.

I started working on this because after setting up a node, I wanted to know what my node is actually doing. Since the site is showing mainnet info only (for now), I still have no idea though.

I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome, the feedback and ideas, two PRs by @tian7.eth#5457 and @caleb#9649, and in particular @Dat#2689@Sarah_#1392 and @nairod#6032 for their Figma design kit, which I tried my best to incorporate, and @Tibike#7780 @SunTzu#1022 and @juliankoh (@tuba#4128) for their work on subgraphs, all of which I have relied on in one way or another for the backend.
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