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for community ambassadorship. James was also quite fond of the Github handle @ethissca
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ello there! This is tian from China and I am a fan of Ethereum. I am a moderator at bihu(A Chinese UGC platform) and have 30K followers there. I am mainly attracted by tBTC's permissionless feature. It extends BTC's adpotion and keep its decentralization at the same time. This is the first time I participating in PFK and I hope you enjoy it.

Here is my October PFK contributions:

1. add keep information at duneanalytics projects page.
2. Participate in zksynctbtc torch and promote it to some of my Chinenese friends.
3. Write an article about TBTC liquidation.
4. Make a video about monitoring TBTC redemption with buidlhub.
5. Collatoera with @EstebanK at keepdocs and contribute to the tbtc ecosystem part
6. Moderate KEEP Chinese wechat group.
7. Operate KEEP weibo and publish many news about KEEP and tbtc. 
TBTC minted break 1000  TBTC listed on Curve
8. Run both beacon and ecdsa node at testnet 0xDFda6c60a69858A6ADA86097813d0d7160885b40


1. Decode keep v1.1.0 contracts to tables with duneanalytics.

2. Manage a keep wechat group with more than 160 users and spend around 2 hours per day answering questions and sharing news about keep-network.

3. Held an online topic activity celebrating keep-network mainnet go to live at bihu.

4. Give a presentation about keep and tBTC at a local DeFi meetup with around 60 attendees.

5. Pull a request of adding the KEEP token to imToken wallets and have been approved.

6. Run both beacon and ecdsa nodes.

7. Create a curated list of keep related resources.

8. Create  8 memes at #😂meme-builder

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2. Kris can verify because he’s in the wechat group.
3. 4. 5.
6. 0xDFda6c60a69858A6ADA86097813d0d7160885b40

For details please visit:

At last I want to thanks @Crypto Investor   @Kris  @Mayflower1984's help.
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