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Yo! nairod here and I’m a product designer. I have been learning a lot more about Keep recently through my efforts on the design system.

I've been involved in the KEEP design community and have been running a Random Beacon node.

Here is my October PFK Submission! 

With Figma releasing their new feature Variants this week, I went ahead and pushed an update to The Community
Design Kit ( by implementing it to our buttons in the Component Library.
Thanks to Variants, it took our 75 previous button components and brought that number down to 4.
Creating a foundation for robust components that can be easily edited for the appropriate use case straight from the instance panel.

Very excited about the potential of this new feature and how we can implement to other components in the future. Thanks!


have successfully started running a Random Beacon node.

The  Community Design Kit (

As @Dat so gracefully explains, “the Keep Community Design Kit is a set of resources to help community members quickly & consistently design experiences for the Keep ecosystem using up-to-date guidelines—helping designers speed up their ability to create new concepts for PFK.”

My efforts on the Design Kit:
- Worked alongside @Dat and @Sarah to develop 40+ components in <4 weeks
- Implemented Figma’s Auto Layout to 100+ components
- Updated the instance structure in Figma to help the community easily swap between components
- Met with Liz & Michael from the Keep team to present the kit and receive feedback

It’s been so great to see the positive support from the community and seeing designers put the kit into action!

Huge thanks to Matt for the shout out in #announcements :

And check out the great work by @le-designer and @glitchmunki
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