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Hi everyone, I'm Sarah. I'm here to learn more about what's going on around Keep and how design can help the crypto experience as a whole. Looking to submit projects for PFK that use design thinking methodologies and create foundational design platforms that will help the community build better designs.

I teamed up with @Dat and @nairod to improve the current Keep design system. In less than four weeks, we developed 40+ components and an overall more cohesive foundation for the Keep design system to grow. My efforts on the 

Community Design Kit (

1. Audited the original Keep design system to find areas of opportunity and improvement
2. Assisted in the overall page and artboard structure
3. Cleaned up the naming convention for both the colors and typography
4. Updated the Styles page to be more comprehensive of the Keep brand by:
  • enhancing the color palette and including various shades from the primary colors 
  • creating a more comprehensive typography section 
  • Including different grids that can be used to assist with responsive designs 
  • Met with the Keep design team (@L i z@Michael Gluzman) to review our work and get feedback to iterate on
  • Included recommendations for how each section can continue to improve and grow Some examples of work using our kit include: 




All the support from the community and the shoutout from @Matt Luongo ( is much appreciated.
I can’t wait to see how this continues to grow and all the contributions this helps other designers create. 
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Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources