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for raising the bar for design contributions and acting as a defacto design moderator
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Hey all! My name is Dat, I’m a designer.
I first got involved helping @benlobenlongstaff#8729 write an overview paper on Keep and sMPC a few years ago Testnet.

Testnet Rand Beacon Node. My Nov/Dec PFK

1. User research feedback template in GitHubThe Keep design team is seeking usability feedback and user reviews for various aspects of the updated Dashboard app experience including: staking, onboarding, and general dashboard navigation and utility.
I collaborated with @L i z to help refine a research outline and dialog script so that members of the community could carry out research remotely and contribute those findings back to the KEEP team via GitHub.

· Reviewed first proof script from @L i z and provided feedback and suggestions to improve question and response quality.
· Authored an introduction script (See 'Script' section) for researchers to read aloud when remotely conducting research.  → (User feedback template in GitHub) → (Announcement from KEEP team)

2. Providing mentorshipContinue to review work, provide feedback & moderation in #design-ux

My Oct PFK

1. Community Design Kit

The Keep Community Design Kit is a set of resources to help community members quickly & consistently design experiences for the Keep ecosystem

In October:
  • Continue to lead the dev of the kit. 
  • Migrated new color variants from Liz 
  • Reviewed PRs from designers & processed 10+ new components 
  • (Kit)
2. Design Channel Architecture

Identified that folks were unhappy with the structure of the #design channel, wrote a proposal to split the channel into 3 channels.
Led conversations with @Kris & Mods, produced help content and worked with @L i z  to implement new channels. 
3. Community Design Showcase

Developed a new section of the Design Kit focused on showcasing PFK  concepts.
Collaborated with  11+ designers to highlight their work.4. Community Moderators Guidebook

Took @Kris's 1-pager draft of the mod guide and developed a robust 11+ page guide to onboard new community mods, including support on how to handle common issues (Judges can DM @Krisfor doc link )
5. GitHub Issue Template

Collab with @kather@le-designerto produce a Github issue template for designers & UX issues.
6. Providing mentorship

Continue to review work, provide feedback & moderation in #design-ux


My September PFK:

1.Community Design Kit The Keep Community Design Kit is a set of resources to help community members quickly & consistently design experiences for the Keep ecosystem using up-to-date guidelines—helping designers speed up their ability to create new concepts for PFK.

My contributions:
  • Led a team of 2 (the amazing  @Sarah & @nairod ) to develop over 40 components in <4 wks
  • Met Keep team Liz & Michael to present the kit and get feedback
  • Getting Started docs
  • Dashboard stickersheets
(Announcement via Matt)
Designers are now using the kit; contributing to it

2. Diagramming Kit Developed a library of components to help you easily create diagrams in Figma. Includes a set of elements for Keep.

3. Presentation Kit Developed a library of slides which can be used to speed up presentation creation

4. Recruitment & Mentorship Recruited 7 designers to pfk and helped them stake on testnet
Providing mentorship & feedback in #design

5. The absolute beginner’s guide to PFK Produced 60+ images/gifs for  @JackRemix guide


Keep Community Design Kit V1 Launch! 

Hey everyone! @Sarah_#1392@nairod#6032 and I have been busy this month putting the final touches on the Keep Community Design Kit and are finally ready to share V1 with ya'll!

The Keep Community Design Kit is a set of resources created to help Keep community members quickly and consistently design experiences for the Keep ecosystem using up-to-date Keep Design System guidelines.
Our goal with the Community Design Kit was to create a a useful resource to both speed up your ability to create new concepts and prototypes for PFK as well as ensure consistency with the Keep design system while doing so.
Our hope is this Design Kit results in even more, high quality, design submissions for PFK! 

V1.0 includes:
  • Component library (A library of premade components built according to the Keep Design System guidelines. These are the building blocks to work with when designing for Keep.)
  • Style library (A library of preset styles for imagery, icons, color and typography use across the Keep brand and product UI.)
  • Token Dashboard stickersheet (Example screens from the token dashboard app built using the components from the component library.)
  • Presentation slides (A library of presentation slides (sized for Google Slides) which can be used to speed up the creation of your design presentations when sharing your work with the community.)
  • Diagramming kit (A library of present components to help you quickly and easily create flow diagrams.)
  • We've also included instructions to help you get started with Figma components and libraries.
You all have comment access, so please drop us a comment with feedback if you find any bugs!
We hope you find this kit useful! We can't wait to see all the amazing thing you create with it!

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Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources