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155k KEEP for the Keep explorer - check it out! 
Introduce yourself
Hello KEEP community! My name is Tibike and I am a C# Angular full stack developer. I joined the community at the end of June. I am very interested in Keep and TBTC and saw that there is a playing with Keep competition.

This is my PFK submission for October:

I am running an ECDSA and beacon node on mainnet 

I have worked on 2 projects:

First project - Merging subgraphs Matt said we should contribute to existing projects… there was once talk of merging the subgraphs to one, so I took the initiative and decided to start a discussion and started merging the subgraphs. What I have done:  

I have created and modified manually an entity model visualization of the all-the-keep subgraph for a better overview and discussion basis:  

Started merging my subgraph into the all-the-keeps subgraph:
I have added the TokenGrant contract and all their events

We already planned the next steps, but I will continue next month, because my second PFK project took me lots of time. You can read up the whole communication to the subgraph merging in the #📊subgraph channel

Second project - Keepy telegram notifier bot The bot will help you to track keeps. You only need to add your operator addresses and tell him at which events you want to be notified. At the moment it's simple, but I plan to expand it. But for that I would like to know the needs of the community.@rdfbbx and me discussed the requirements of the bot and tried to develop it together (teamwork), but due to different programming languages/skills and different time zones, we split and each of us have developed their own bot.

I named my bot Keepy . You can add him at Telegram with: @keepy_notifier_bot
... is multilingual (German and English). New languages can be added very fast if required  
... can add, delete, rename operator addresses which you want to monitor  
... lists all of your addresses with some statistical data
... manages your notifivation event settings  
... is interested in your opinion, suggestions and ideas. Just write him  

But please check it out yourself! The project is open source and available here:

@Kris I would be glad if this project could get an channel in the community projects section, because I am very interested in feedback, improvments and ideas from the community.


I spent a lot of time with this great quest from dice. Thank you for this great riddle. On the one hand I actively tried to help the community to solve the riddle (hints, answered questions, created a summary of hints...) and on the other hand I added my own distraction riddle to my keep explorer  ( where an image file was hidden in another image.

I started learning more about the tBTC liquidation process and played around with the liquidation bot because I want to try to implement a site for falling-price auctions

I added staking transactions and stakes to my keep subgraph( and visualized the top 20 stakers on the keep-explorer (


So I started setting up the nodes (ECDSA and Random Beacon) and learning from the documentation. Then I thought, how can I contribute to this great project and started developing my keep explorer/analytics app. I have worked in the background on it since the end of June. It is still a prototype MVP project, but today I want to share with you my work.

The project's aim is a website which displays KEEP and TBTC information, like token transfers, stake events, other events,… and visualize interesting data.
The backend (API): Node.js express API, web3.js and mongoose 
  • Get data from the blockchain, store and aggregate the data (if needed), provide data for frontend via REST API 
The frontend: Angular
  • Display the data
Features available:
  • The backend scans (via polling) every 30 seconds the blockchain for contract addresses events, which could be configured in a configuration file and stores the data (blocks, transactions, event transaction) to a mongo database. You also can configure the starting block. I am using web3.js, the etherscan API (getting ABI contracts) and infura for getting the data. The goal would be to get the data from a remote node, not infura. Attached you can find how the frontend looks like (web and mobile). The ‘home’ site displays the latest blocks and transactions and some main analytics (the chart is just a preview demo). It is also possible to filter KEEP and TBTC tokens and view all blocks/transactions paginated.
UPDATE: After reviewing Spent now 6 hours learning how thegraph works. I created a subgraph ( and will use this for now as backend. I will deploy my frontend in the next days.

Next steps for backend are:
  • use Websockets to retrieve data from blockchain and update the frontend
  • add mongo database seeding
Next steps frontend:   
  • block and transaction details page
  • add some useful visualization 
  • display stake transactions 
  • add more filter possibilities 
   … I have no deployed version, but I have put a lot of time in setting up the project with docker. It should be easy to try, test and contribute. You will need docker, a free etherscan API key, and a free infura endpoint. The source code could be found here:

Follow the instructions for trying, testing and contribution. I would love if we could bring this project together on the next level. I am looking forward to any input and hope I can find some dev’s for faster implementation, some graphic designers (nice logos and icons needed) and people which better understand the KEEP, TBTC context and help me to visualize the right/useful data.

Feel free to contact me if you have any problems, questions or ideas. 

I have worked very hard the last days:

Created and use it as the new backend (my weeks of developing the old node.js mongoose blockchain backend syncer [] is maybe not required anymore )

Changed the client (because of the backend changes) and created a new repo [] and deployed the first version. Had some breaking changes (pagination, view tbtc, ...). Currently TBTC transfers can not be viewed. I have to create another subgraph and get the data (will do this in the next week)
Here is the link to the deployed version:

I have continued to work on the subgraphs and the explorer in the last 2 weeks. I have taken a week of vacation and worked every day for some new features  :
separate KEEP and tBTC explorer and create different theme styles (to switch click on the logo) 
  • add transaction and block detail page (click on the Blocknumber or tnx hash)
  • add etherscan external links
  • add token transfer transactions statistics (tBTC subgraph, KEEP subgraph + frontend)
  • add top token holders section with statistics (tBTC subgraph, KEEP subgraph + frontend)  
  • add sortable grants data with statistics (KEEP subgraph + frontend)
  • add governance data to subgraphs
  • improvements in responsiveness => all sites are now fully responsive
  •  start developing on staking (KEEP subgraphs)
Next steps/features:

improve KEEP subgraph (Staking) and create frontend (statistics, top stakers, staking transactions)
  • add general token information (total supply, price, circulating supply, …) 
  • add search feature to frontend - add ropsten testnet if required 
  • add features to tBTC explorer (Minting, Bonding, ECDSA nodes,… ) [I am already in contact with @SunTzu to join our work and create 1 public repo for the subgraph]
Here are the links to the subgraphs:Frontend Github repo :
Link to the current deployed explorer:
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources