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155k KEEP for the excellent subgraphs, translations, and design
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Hey all, My name is Thanh, I follow the project now for a while.

1.  Thegraph for keep

Maintenance code for new contract. Commit :

2. Thegraph for tbtc

a) Maintenance code for new contract.

b. Tracking more info :
- Total number of ETH available
- Total number of keeps current opened


1. Thegraph for keep

Tracking all info off KEEP token :
- Token Info
- Token Holder
- Approval

+ Transfer Tracking all info off Random Beacon
- Total stakers
- Total token staking , slash
- Amount staking of members
- Staking state
- Staking transaction

2. Thegraph for tbtc

- Tracking TDTs
- Tracking minting
- New deposits per day
- Redemptions per day
- Liquidatoin per day
- Total ETH bonded
- Mint transaction
- Deposit status
- tBtc holders

3. The dashboard for KEEP+ TBC using data from Thegraph

4. Translation

a. Create a guide "How to contribute translations". Help other members, since my guide, 3 new languages have been added to the site, Indonesia, ZH and KO.

b. Translated Transparency at Keep post to Vietnameses.

tBTC Technical System Overview

How to use the tbtc dapp

tBTC Security Model How to Integrate tBTC into your DeFi dApp

The dashboard for KEEP + tBTC. The data I took from my thegraph.


1. Run two ecdsa node , it's running

2. The articles I have translated to Vietnamese.

a. Introducing tBTC: The Safe Way to Earn with Your Bitcoin

b. How to get KEEP — Stake ETH

c. Bitcoin on Ethereum: No Games, Just Math

d. Guide to run ecdsa node

e.An Update on tBTC’s Launch

f. I have translated 2 tabs ( Abount and FAQ ) on

just waiting @Matt Luongo create Admin for Vietnamese so I can upload it on website.

Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources