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for the scripting, NFT work, and translations!
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Hello! My name is Anton and I am very happy to join the KEEP community and contribute to the development.

This is my PFK submission:

1. I put together a team of translators. We have completed 78 translations of technical documentation at the time of this writing. Contributed by: @tony__s_h @ingag @nadyakriy @weraanrktl @Evelyn @milosl @Xavi_Hernandez

@wakows9  joined later, so you can expect translations from him too. The documentation is translated into languages: Russian, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Indonesian, Ukrainian.
We are still looking for someone to help translate into Chinese and other languages. Here you can review our work:

I will leave links to all documentation in the etherpad.

2. Created a copy of the repository added a language selection function and the above translations. The result is here:
I believe that thanks to the efforts of @EstebanK and @ramaruro and the efforts of my translation team, we will be able to create the most complete and useful resource for users of KEEP network.

3. For fun, I created a simple but very addictive browser game based on a flappy bird in the style of our project.
Play around here: The code is here:

4. Held a meet-up with the club of entrepreneurs and investors. We managed to familiarize the participants with the KEEP network and the TBTC project. I can say with confidence that new investors will appear soon.
Recommend watching the video from the meet-up:
More photos here:

5. Aha! This is a real tattoo! I believe with all my heart in the project and its development! @Matt Luongo my second arm is ready like a logo change ... or maybe something new? :)
More photo and video here:

6. Still 2xBeacon and 2xECSDA node.


I also want to thank @ingag  for introducing me Before starting work, I closely watched all August who and what contributes. It helped me to generalize my skills and this is what I was able to do in September. I present to your judgment:

1. I made a bash script generator for the ubuntu terminal. Such a procedure greatly simplifies the work with the terminal for the user when running the Beacon and ECDSA nodes. The advantage of my script is that it does not collect user data and generates the script directly to the PC.
I posted this generator on the site and also wrote a guide for running both nodes using this script


Next month, create a comprehensive automated solution that will allow anyone to launch a node in one click. Will work like this:

a. The user pays 5 euros
b. Waits for 10 minutes (we buy a server, install the script and run the nodes)
c. The user gets access to the VPS with a ready-made node
d. User can monitor your node status using our dashboard I will think about how to do it as safely as possible

2. The next milestone in my work is the quest. This is a very close topic for me - I have been creating quests for many years.
It was interesting to watch the quest that took place in August, and I decided to contribute to the creation of a new quest for the next month. I sent a link to @Matt Luongo  and @prestwich  in private messages.
Having coordinated the details with the KEEP team, we will be able to present the quest for a common big game in the near future. Pre-registration is open to anyone interested:
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