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Hello everyone, I am Dafiq from Indonesia also known as Javi_Anibarro on Bitcointalk forum and Xavi_Hernandez on Discord server, I have been in cryptocurrency since the end of 2014 when HYIP was booming. Have been in many projects such as Vite, Semux, Fix Network, Twins, and etc as contributor, tester, and investor. I started to know KEEP after searching about DeFi and a post on Bitcointalk forum months ago, as we can see DeFi is the future of cryptocurrency and current investment trend, after searching about current DeFi project. I decided to choose KEEP because, I am fan of staking system and not only that, KEEP is also active in communicating with their supporter and actively holding an event to improve the community and the system at the same time which allow us to experience the meaning of build with us together, not to mention a very simply way to tokenize your Bitcoin with tBTC dApp which is completely decentralized unlike the others. So here I am, doing everything I can do to contribute to the project and to the community. 


So here are my contributions for this month PFK:

- Translation of :

1. Amanda Cassatt to Judge Playing for Keeps Latest Round for 2 Million KEEP
original :
Translating into Bahasa Indonesia :

2. The next phase of liquidity rewards
original :
Translation into Bahasa Indonesia :

- Doing a small marketing on 2 different forums using signature on my personal account talking about tBTC and Keep project:
Bitcointalk forum =;u=805741
Altcoinstalks forum =;u=35587
using these 2 invite links: tBTC =
Keep =

- Lastly running and Monitoring Beacon and Ecdsa node.

this month PFK I am focused on translating,distributing a new guide about how to farm tBTC, monitoring my node activity, reporting the issues, and managing unofficial Keep social media. So here are my contributions for this month PFK:

- What Arjun Balaji looking for this month PFK in Bahasa Indonesia:

- How to yield farm tBTC on in Bahasa Indonesia: - Joined with tony__s_h#5107 translating these:

- Made a report about an issue that I found when running the node here:
- Helping the team reproduce the issue that happened on dApp mainnet for follow up: 
- Managing unofficial local Keep social medias;

1. Twitter:
2. Facebook:
- Boosting Discord server
- Helping community troubleshooting their node
- Running and Monitoring Beacon and Ecdsa node.


Here are the detail of my contributions:

- Successfully bought tBTC cover at

- Creating small marketing designs(HTML/BBCode for forum) Since I heard we are expecting dApp to go live this month, I have prepared a few set of marketing designs that can be used on every forum that supports HTML/BBCode. I made this contribution because I am a forum user and I saw a lot of people did that to promote their project, that's why I created it to spread the word out. You can check the BBCode/HTML and the preview based on Bitcointalk ranking system here:

1. Legend/Hero Code and Preview

2. Senior Member Code and Preview

3. Full Member Code and Preview

4. Member Code and Preview (I already used this signature on my Bitcointalk and Altcoinstalk forum account)

Translating document

1. Translating What James Prestwich is Looking For in September’s Playing for Keeps into Bahasa Indonesia:

2. Translating tBTC Whitepaper: 
3. Adding translated materials into Library(Bahasa Indonesia): - Testing dApp and reporting bug/error

1. Keep testing the dApp after the challenge ended and reported a few issues that can be found here:
2. Another but strange issue that I encountered during the testing:
Distributing translated material and Managing KEEP local social medias Lastly I keep maintaining my Ecdsa and Beacon node for a few months

1. Documentation in Bahasa Indonesia - Playing for Keeps Crosses the Halfway Mark with 7M KEEP Awarded in Prizes
Keep stakedrop risks and Mitigation Strategies
BTC on Ethereum. tBTC vs wBTC

2. Libary -   
Added Bitcoin di dalam Ethereum, tBTC vs wBTC (    
Created 2 new subs-menu;        
  •  [Event] Play For Keep            
Added : 1.Playing For Keep(PFK) telah melewati setengah target PFK dengan total hadiah 7 Juta KEEP (        
  •  [Event] Stakedrop          
Added : 1.Resiko Keep Stakedrop dan Strategi Mitigasi (

3. GitHub Report - Latest report;

4. Local Social Media Account - Managing KEEP local social medias  5. Running Beacon and Ecdsa node + Added 500 bonded ropsten ETH

1. Documentaion - Translation of website
Translation of Transparancy at KEEP
Translation of Guide to mint TBTC - Translation of Keep Active Participation(Bison Trails) - Translation of Deploy a KEEP Node to Kubernetes and Monitor with Prometheus & Grafana

2. Libary - Created a library based on Gitbook as a place for translated tutorials or documents   
  • Transparancy at keep      
  • How KEEP token works        
  • Keep active participatin       
  • Keep and tBTC released, with 40 partners        
  • How to install ecdsa and beacon node        
  • How to mint TBTC        
  • Lot sizer helps people        
  • How to redeem TBTC        
  • Deploy KEEP node to Kubernetes & monitor with Prometheus & Grafana 
3. Video - Created a video KEEP Network- Walkthrough Install Node Beacon & Ecdsa (Bahasa Indonesia)

4. Design Idea and Sticker
5. Report and Suggestion
6. Local Social Media Account - Twitter - Facebook Fanpage

7. Running 2 Beacon and 2 Ecdsa Node of the following addresses (Updated to the latest release) and adding 50 ropsten ETH each address

8. Testing tBTC dApp and successfully Minted & Redeemed TBTC
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources