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Round 7
10k KEEP
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2500 KEEP
Round 5
for the incredible community support! Check out the proposals for Aave and Yearn!
Round 4
Our runners up - 50k KEEP + @L i z 's Design Bonus - Additional 5k KEEP
Round 3
Tier Two
Introduce yourself
Hi, my name is Esteban. I’m a crypto enthusiast and met Keep project in early June (some days after stakedrop unfortunately)

My entry for December PFK.
This is team work with @ramaruro While we launched a Mainnet Node (details available x DM)
I continued operating  Ropsten Node operation : ECDSA and Random Beacon node.

1) Collateral adoption proposals: We succesfully created proposals on some major Protocol Governance Forums to consider TBTC and KEEP Adoption :
- CREAM Proposal for TBTC: We succesfully added TBTC as an collateral asset on Cream, in order for everybody use TBTC as a collateral for lending and borrowing. ( (
Further we plan in January to submit the proposal on Cream to increase its debt ceiling .
That should let people start to using it as collateral properly !
AAVE Proposal: We submitted a new proposal to AAVE for TBTC in a joint effort with @benlongstaff (
This was elaborated and proposed as a continuation for the original prop ( and includes a polling for community sense.
Outcome is currently favorable (67%) !. continued in next msg...
- CREAM Proposal for KEEP: We submitted a proposal to added KEEP as an collateral asset on Cream, in order for everybody use KEEP as a collateral for lending and borrowing. [](  

2) Active information distribution and bradcasting about KEEP and TBTC on Twitter Some examples : - []

3) Succesfully added Dec7th on Darren Lau's Daily Ape Telegram channel : 

4)  We’ve been working hard with @ramaruro on improvements and updates for

!!:KeepDocs Improvements

- New section - Staking on Keep 101: Fast, easy headstart for new stakers with indications for most important aspects. ([](
- Comprehensive yet easy resource collection for all stakers & node operators ([](
- TBTC Ecosystem, with links to all pools, dex's & lending platforms.([](
- Community Tools, adding new ones and deleting those not longer maintained.([](
- New Multilingual support :
- English (Main site) - Russian , Ukranian , Turkish (complete)
- Italian, German, French, Indonesian (work in progress) Leveraging previous work from tony__s_h and others !

5) Active Moderation and helping others on Discord KEEP & TBTC channels.

Hi, here is my entry for October PFK.
This is joint work with @ramaruro, and this month we also collaborated with @pythonmetaclass and @tian7.eth 

Continued operating successfully Ropsten Node operation :  ECDSA and Random Beacon nodes.

Community Collaboration Site Documentation, with @pythonmetaclass:
Created Node Operation Guide to best leverage the information provided by this amazing site from PythonMetaClass. Validated content with him, he will add a link in ATK site to the Guide.

TBTC use cases, with @tian7.eth : documented how TBTC can be currently used in the Ethereum Ecosystem (e.g. swaps, pools, staking rewards).  

Community videos & games curated list, with @tian7.eth 

Community Tools curation & indexing: KEEP community created a wide variety of tools to navigate the system. We curated and indexed the most outstanding contributions based on perceived usefulness to the community.  

Continuation of “Staking & Node Operation Documentation”    This is a big project that we have continued for the last 4 months. We did a Site Domain migration & design improvements: New site:  

Market Adoption Efforts Market Adoption is as important as Technical Success.

AAVE: Restarted discussion for including TBTC to AAVE. Fighting some RenBTC proponents that want to mislead facts about TBTC

Opyn (Option Protection for Early Adopters) Provided a proposal to Opyn/ Keep Teams to insure early adopters of TBTC through puts written inOpyn Protocol. Being finalized by Keep/Opyn Teams, might be implemented in Nov


This is team work with @ramaruro  

Continued operating successfully Ropsten Node operation :

@EstebanK: ECDSA and Random Beacon node with the operator address is 0xfBe3b8B0221B951a9E9513D39b6F70001388afc2.

Market Adoption Efforts Market Adoption is as important as Technical Success. We created proposals in some major Protocol Governance Forums to consider TBTC Adoption and/or Support its adoption by other Protocols. These created some heated debates in those Communities:

AAVE:  Proposal: Add support for TBTC This was elaborated and proposed after discussion with Aave Stani & Team.  Yearn Community Support for TBTC and creation of TBTC Vault (decentralized Bitcoin) 

OTC option for BTC <->TBTC inclusion: Requested that tBTC can be exchanged for BTC in FTX OTC (as they do with renBTC) ( . This in evaluation by Sam Bankman Fried

Opyn (Option Protection for Launch) We provided a proposal to Opyn and Keep Teams to insure the early adopters of tBTC through puts written in the Opyn Protocol. This was considered by the Keep Team and might be implemented later.

Updates & further developement of “Keep Staking & Node Operation Documentation” site

New Sections added: Mainnet Node Operation Documentation: Focus on Node Uptime and Sensitive Data BackUps
Curated List of New Tools & Guides developed by Keep Community

Adopt design suggestions from @Lizshinn (work in progress) Further details about all this work can be found here: TBTC Mainnet minting / redeeming and Liquidation Went through the whole process - minting - market buy - redeeming - and also went through the whole liquidation process. TBTC Insurance bought at Nexus Mutual


1.    Ran Random Beacon and ECDSA Nodes with Operator Address 0xfBe3b8B0221B951a9E9513D39b6F70001388afc2, continuous operation since Mid June.  

2.    The following was all done as a Team with @ramaruro : Wrote a detailed Analysis of Keep Return On Investment scenarios during the Stake Drop and In Full Production:

3.    In Addition to the Keep Staking ROI Analysis, we did a Benchmark Comparison with two types of Staking alternatives for Investment, showing that Keep is a very promising Investment Option. For this PFK Matt was looking for “comparison between projects”, we took the approach of “Investment Alternative Comparison” (

a.    ROI Comparison with similar type of Services (Asset Transfer across Chains): tBTC, Ren Protocol, ThorChain

b.    ROI Comparison with other BlockChain Staking Investment Options: tBTC, PolkaDot, Kusama, Cosmos, Zilliqa, ETH2

4.    We Created a single “Keep Network Staking & Node Operation” Documentation ( that consolidates available documentation that can be Community Maintained (as a Repo in GitHub, viewed as a WebPage through DocSify). We aligned with @L i z  and Matt on this approach. This allows for the Community to collaborate on Keep Documentation in a central location through Pull Requests. We combined our Economic Analysis Document, the Node Operation document we did for the previous PFK and the existing Keep Network GitBook into a single document.

5.    The Main Content of this Document is:

a.    Getting Started - Intro to Keep Network & tBTC
b.    Key Reasons for Staking in Keep Network
c.    Comparison with Other Alternatives
d.    Staking Documentation (original Keep Gitbook)
e.    Staking Alternatives (original Keep Gitbook)
f.    Node Operation (Deploying, Maintaining, Troubleshooting)

6.    We focused on content and ability to easily change the final presentation, as we expect further alignment and adjustments with Keep Team.


I have installed beacon and edcsa nodes. Also installed log monitoring via Grafana and have operated the nodes smoothly since then.

1.       I’ve been running the ECDSA and Random Beacon node with the operator address is 0xfBe3b8B0221B951a9E9513D39b6F70001388afc2.

2.      I translated into Spanish documentation from the KEEP Gitbook Staking documentation, which is published to
I’m open to further translate other documentation and working on some articles to further promote the project.

3.    I’m also planning to work on a main concern of mine, which is the node monitoring and maintenance issue. When the time comes where we start putting some serious stake in Keep Network we should make sure every node operator (with or without devops experience) is comfortable with node monitoring, downtime issues and alerts handling. The core Keep Network are their nodes, so these nodes should be as safe as possible. If we manage to keep downtime issues minimal, Slashing should only occur if there is misbehaving, and our Keep Network will be really healthy.

4. I opened up an issue on Keep/Core Repo in reference to Staking documentation:

5. Various Keep Blog articles translated into Spanish: Why tBTC’s Collateralization is a Strength: tBTC Will Never Liquidate Your Bitcoin: Introducing tBTC: The Safe Way to Earn with Your Bitcoin:

6. Opened up an issue on Keep/tBTC Repo in reference to the minting errors : with logs and screenshots.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources