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Hello guys, my name is Nikita. I am in crypto science 2015, mainly focusing on promotion and marketing. But sometimes I like to contribute to fresh projects by creating a node.

Link to Discord Message: Twitter: 

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1) I am running a validator node for both Beacon and ECDSA.

2) At the beginning of this month I have designed a game for Keep community, it is called Keep Mania. It is a customized Pacmac. All characters were fitted into KEEP graphic design. The main character is the Keep Knight in KEEP colours. Regular dots are   and super dots are.
The ghosts are Bitcoin, KAVA, REN and Filecoin. The game has an integrated leaderboard to track community members.
I have also launched a giveaway from my previous PFK winnings, so the person on top of the leaderboard will get 100 KEEP tokens.
Deadline is October 31st at midnight. The winner will be announced tomorrow  

Here is the game link  :

Here is the discord message with original post with rules and detailed description:

3) Twitter activity was also great this month. I made 17 tweets in total with a combined outreach of 25745 impressions.4) One of the goals of this month was to create an ELI5 on how to come from Bitcoin to Yield. I wrote a very simple guide with a very (very) detailed explanation on how to get this done. Starting from creating a metamask wallet, finishing with liquidity on sushiswap and harvest finance. So everybody can do this without any problems.

Here is my post link:

5) Design work. I thought about a concept if Keep would offer cards in exchange for staking KEEP tokens, as a lot of providers are doing nowadays.
This 3D animation can be used to present stakedrop or any other KEEP product that would require staking KEEP.
Here is the link to google docs with several tries:
Here is the link in Discord for final version:

6) Memes. There should be always some great memes. Here is the external link to all memes submitted:

Here are discord links: 

Hey guys! Tiny reminder on KeepMania.
The game is live and do not forget about the giveaway of 100 KEEP Mainnet tokens to the highest scorer at the end of October.
Please give your Discord Username at the end of the game, so I can follow the leaderboard. It allows only 10 characters, so give the *first 10 characters of your discord account *. 

Here is the game link  :

The current leaders are @cryptofanforever#622 and @flakes#9776.
You still have 14 days left to beat their score and grab yourself 100.

Best of luck and have a great weekend!

Hello guys, I wanted to share a game for our community and all your friends.

The Game is called KEEP Mania, it is a customised Pacman remake. Logo was takes from Figma Community Kit.

Going through the main characters:

Main: KEEP Knight . Customised with Figma Community Kit in Keep colors
Ghost 1: Bitcoin 
Ghost 2: REN
Ghost 3: KAVA
Ghost 4: Filecoin


Regular Dot: Keep Token 
Super Dot: tBTC  

I guess many of you are familiar with Pacman. You are playing for KEEP Knight, the main goal is to collect Keep Tokens and avoid meeting with Ghosts. When you collect tBTC, you will be able to "eat" those Ghosts. When you collect all the dots, you will proceed to the next level where Ghosts will move faster. You will have 3 lives and as soon as you lose them, the game will end.

As soon as you lose, you will have a field where you can enter you name and you score will be saved in "High Scores". Just enter your Discord username, so we can have an overview of best entries. The system does recognise only number, characters and spaces, so leave "#" sign out when filling. In my case it would be "Nikita7876".

What for?
The game was thought as PFK entry for September, but I did not make it on time, so it is even better it will go straight into October. Every community member will get a chance to test it and achieve their best score. The deadline would be the 31st of October, exact time would be announced a bit later.

Why should I play?
Because its funny  and as a small motivation I will give 100 KEEP  tokens to the best player at the end of October. The winner takes it all. If KEEP Team is interested in increasing rewards, it would be even better.



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Hello guys, this month was pretty productive in terms of KEEP promotions and node running, so let’s get started.

1. I launched another Node. This time it was ECDSA and Beacon in one. Seems stable and even accumulating some rewards. Shoutout to community members that create such great tutorials.

2. To warm things up for tBTC launch, I wrote an article about Bitcoin on Ethereum network, with some paragraphs about Keep Network as well. It is called: Bitcoin on Ethereum Blockchain, fairy tale, or reality? An introduction of tBTC. Article was mentioned by Coinmonks, a non-profit crypto educational publications and got reposted there. Here is the link:

3. Thirdly I continued the work on twitter with great outcome. A total of 22 tweets were made with a total impressions of 41163. Over 41k is a great score. KEEP is getting more and more popular in crypto space, people are interested. Here are the links:

4. I have made some GIFs with Matt and Liz.

5. There is no good PFK contribution without some good MEMEs  Here they are:

6. Design  I have made some designs
This one is actually for upcoming stake drop. I still think we should have a massive countdown because it is going to be a big thing. Here is a design proposal for 5 days before the stake drop.
This Infographic is made in KEEP media kit (colors, background, text)  that community members have created with sigma. It has main KEEP advantages, tBTC introduction, tBTC and RenBTC comparison and a look at current development of BTC tokenisation, plus an overview of KEEP supply.

7. Game I am currently working on customising a HTML5 Pacman with the main hero KEEP Knight (surely. Designed with community media kit) running from main competitors (Ren, Kava, BTC and Filecoin) collecting tBTC and Keep tokens. There will be a leaderboard, so community members can compete with each other for the main prise. I am thinking about 100-200 KEEP for the first place from my previous PFK winnings and if KEEP team would want to join, it can be bigger. Anyways I am still on it and it is just a teaser.


Links to relevant media:
As a content creator, this month the focus of my work was spreading the news about KEEP in any way possible, here is what I got.

1. I wrote an onboarding article for newcomers about KEEP. What it is all about, main advantages, how to start running nodes and more. This article was published on a crypto-news-website:
Here is the link to my article:

2. Secondly, one of the main tasks of this month was a comparison of Keep with other networks to get more members. So I wrote the second article about Keep Network with a slight comparison with COSMOS, plus a tutorial at the end of how to run nodes. This article got a good amount of claps and even feedbacks from readers. Here is the link:

3. Thirdly, I mentioned that Twitter activity is pretty low, so I decided to change it. Here are some of my tweets this month. In total, around 28,000 views/impressions:

4. The main task was to onboard new crypto community members, so I though the best way to attract attention is to tell about Play For Keeps. So I created a 1 minute video about PFK and posted it on twitter. This Video got around 1,1k views and hopefully attract attention of members from other crypto communities. Here is the link:

5. Last but not least, I have generated some memes/gifs to keep the spirit during the quest and about Keep in general. Here are some of them


ECDSA node is already live with a validator/
I am also willing to run a Beacon node in the next couple of days. Speaking about ways of how I can contribute, besides running two nodes, as I mentioned I am a content creator. I can write articles on KEEP, have 800 followers on Steemit and I am a guest contributor on and Futhermore I can create Youtube videos on my channel: So if I can assist you with content, just let me know, in the meanwhile I am going to make myself familiar with Beacon node.
Hello once again guys, hope you are doing well. Another 2 ECDSA node were deployed today.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources