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Hello, my name is Marek, I am from Lithuania.
I have been following the Keep project since the time of Slack. I learned about it in 2017.


1. Both nodes (Random Beacon & ECDSA) have been running fine (uptime all time) for several months Address: 0xCC8ca0e2880E1966e35F21ae2cc4Fe38fA8a8908

My design contribution: Done educational infographic step by step (eli5) How to mint tBtc:

Another version:

Done facebook and twitter cover:

For fun Illustration:


Also was active on twitter, my link:

My September contribution:


Also I'm designer freelancer, they are my contributions: I would like to provide your attention to my vision of design. These are roll-ups, booklets, or many more versions. For my work, I used the most important questions and answers that are often of interest to a new user or investors, in a couple of minutes the new user will already have all the answers to the questions that interested him. I used the information from Keep Whitelist and Keep website. I made two versions, one that follows the style of the website, and other space version, because for me blockchain technologies are primarily associated with space. For work I used Photoshop, PDS format you can download follow this links:
better quality:
Thanks for your attention, have a good day
Contribution: KEEP Tools
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Contribution: Community Resources