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for! Keep going, this is looking awesome so far!
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Hello everyone. My name is Victor.
I’m software developer. I am here to evolve the Portuguese community of your project. 


My October PFK submission:

My ECDSA & Random beacon Node.

This month I’ve been working on improvements and new features for Keep Dashboard DAPP.
You can download it on App Store and Google play

- Added tBTC Statistics tab. It uses data from Suntzu’s subgraph and coingecko API.
- Added multiple addresses management on Settings tab.
- Bug fixes and improvements.
Working on new features and waiting for your feedback!
Update is ready for download on App Store and Google Play.

Preview of the new screen and updates:
Hi Keepers! This is my 3rd contribution participating in Playing for Keeps. My activities this month:
I’m still running random beacon & ecdsa nodes.
“Giving away test eth” activities for everyone who needs to run test node, helped newcomers to run test nodes
Hard working on Development of first mobile Keep Network Dashboard DAPP for iOS and Android platforms.
The design used in app was created by @bakarapara and slightly modified.
We will collaborate more and continue collaborating to improve and update the app with new features.
The app has been introduced to Keep Community:After some feedback received I fixed a couple of issues and submitted iOS and Android builds for review. 

What is implemented now:

- Granted / staked balance, personal / staked personal balance
- View Random Beacon rewards
- Bonded eth amount
- Slashing event notifications
- Contract approval status
- Explore KEEP Markets (data provided by
- You can switch between Mainnet and Ropsten

Working on:

- Multiple operator addresses
- Add more notification events (liquidation, undercollateralized) etc…
- tBTC explorer


My PFK 15-31 August contributions:

1) Keep token subgraph
(The plan is to extend this subgraph with all available contracts to use it as API for KEEP Network explorer and analytics tools, which is in progress for the next month. Also this is a part of work on mobile app backend  )

2) Translations to Portuguese:
I have updated my website with 2 articles, also updated medium

Original: 2.2)
Translated:2.3) Check out this article with must see videos about keep projects updates:

Just published another two articles translated to Portuguese:

  • keep-network/tbtc-website Portuguese translation - work in progress
  • I’m planning to finish Random Beacon node stability checker via Telegram bot soon (work in progress now).  And I’ve been running  Random Beacon node with the address -  0xab7F0Ce3A78E29b55b0efb360377AB8087fB0bF1 

Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources