Keep Dashboard Mobile
Node Operators Keep Dashboard DAPP Mobile version. App Store and Google Play.
As the mainnet contracts are LIVE it’s very important to keep track of your nodes. We’ve been working hard in collaboration with @CryptoCapybara (design) to finish Keep Dashboard Mobile DApp ASAP!

Features available for now:
  • Your granted staked balance, personal balance / staked balance
  • Bonded eth amount
  • Slashing event notifications
  • Contract approval status
  • View Random Beacon rewards
  • Explore KEEP Markets (data provided by
  • You can switch between Mainnet and Ropsten
  • No transactions for now as we don’t require private key for security reasons. We are investigating best ways of how to implement this to keep users eth safe. Tips and ideas on that are highly appreciated!
Short roadmap:
  • Test, get feedback, fix, release current for Android version by October 1 (due to coronavirus situation app review can take longer than expected)
  • iOS test - October 1 (waiting for developer account to be approved)
  • Release iOS version October 7
  • Add new features… (liquidation auction, undercollateralized events, track minting process / minted tBTC)
  • We need good subgraph! Developers, let’s make some  new PRs for As @Matt Luongo mentioned it’s better to support 1 repository of keep subgraph. I will be working on this.