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Round 7
10k KEEP
Round 6
2500 KEEP
Round 4
@L i z 's Design Bonus - Additional 5k KEEP
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Tier Two
Introduce yourself
Hello again KEEP team and Community!
My name is Duссa. 
I am CEO/CTO of (Tracking platform for the highest rate ICOs & IEOs.).
We are engaged in the analysis and supports of ICO/IEO projects. At the moment, we are actively involved in testing networks, launching nodes, searching for bugs, etc. in such projects as - AVA Labs, Acala Network, Coda, Bluzelle. For a long time, we keep track of your project and are also involved in "Playing for Keep".

I take an active part in discord chats (mainly in the #🔍troubleshooting  section). I helped a lot of people to solve problems with nodes.


Together with @Vitality and @F1shko development of our project
continued and we made many improvements.

They include:
- design development management for each feature
- updated many sections
- added all winners
- improved docks and tools section
- all the pages are responsive
- there are more than 1300 pages in the database
- contributor profiles

Docs section includes:
- Staking guides
- Node managing
- Adding liquidity guides
- Stakedrop
- Monitoring guides
- Dune analytics

Quick setup of two nodes Beacon and ECDSA:

A month has passed since the announcement of an ambitious project by the, and I can proudly note that the main goals have been successfully achieved in such a short time.

Here's what was done:

- Neat UI
- Complete library of Tools, Community resources, Games
- Сonvenient viewing: detailed descriptions, screenshots galleries, change logs
- Top Guides
- PFK winners table
- Contributor profiles (info, contribution history, received awards, links to descriptions of works, nodes)
- Rating system
- Community Awards Page
- Cool Search
- All the pages are responsive, mobile-friendly
- Now there are more than 900(!) pages in the database

All our announcements:This project is almost impossible to lead alone due to the richness of information. Therefore, as the main developer, I managed to unite a friendly team and now we are working on the project together: @Vitality closely helps with the development of the site as a product and curation, adding descriptions, @F1shko is the main content curator.

Our first campaign for the community. Together with @Vadim777, we are giving away 3 rings with the KEEP logo - All the details in our discord channel #🤝keep-portal

Quick setup of two nodes Beacon and ECDSA:

1. Beacon - 0xd67732399B9edf98044FD5FDe6537a67Bece9925 ECDSA - 0x208E233b930aacC7E17768F02106b6429B822133
2. Beacon and ECDSA - 0x19bb4009942Ee78a7D979aED994702DfB647C09C
3. Beacon and ECDSA - 0x7A0B1b9C87AC83c89d9B69cA038B5057cEfa55b4
4. Beacon and ECDSA - 0x9Bc16de48198cA3d0fA75b5D9A8a89127C342EBe
5. Beacon and ECDSA - 0xF1230e55039ce56f864C6FF1E8741adFC4943f5C

Hello Keepers. I have found that the KEEP community is already overgrown with a lot of content that is not easy to figure out. Therefore, I am developing a slightly ambitious project in terms of the volume of sections and content, . The idea is to collect all the community materials and make them as convenient and accessible as possible. A kind of club, a portal for KEEP Network (by the way, there is a mirror of the site,

Figma prototype:

Now the project has been implemented in the first stage. Work has already begun on the second stage, which is scheduled for October.

In the future, I am planning to develop and fill the project, to finalize new sections, there are many interesting ideas. Therefore, after completing the collection of content, I will prepare a form where it will be possible to add missing information at the request of users. I also welcome any involvement from community members!

What the project covers:
  • Community (Events, PFC Competition and winners, Community members and their contributions)
  • Tools. They are conveniently divided into separate categories and target audience. Also detailed tagging for quick finding.
  • Guides. All articles and guides from participants.
  • News
  • Media content
So what has been done, stage 1:
  • developed a dynamic prototype in figma
  • the first demo version of the site with limited functionality was prepared
  • started filling the database 
What's in progress, stage 2 (as of October):
  • completing content collection (a lot of work)
  • completion of the development of the site for the current prototype
  • Mobile version of the site
  • completion of the prototype (new sections) 

Third 15-31 Aug contribution to PFK:
This month I decided to make a very simple guide for installing two Beacon and ECDSA nodes. Because people have a lot of errors when editing a config file. The guide is in three languages: Russian, English and Indonesian(thanks to @Pang Pang for translating my guide into Indonesian).
Second July-Aug contribution to PFK:
In addition, I completed the mobile design and the error page in several variations.
1. Mobile design in 2 versions (Light and Night theme) -
2. 404 error page -
Also added a video with an overview of all functions.
For PFK in July, I prepared a redesign of the KEEP token dashboard in 2 versions.
Prototype key points:
  • The prototype is fully clickable. Almost all links are working with transitions to the desired pages.
  • Changed button styles, hover effects, dropdown fields, tooltips. Original font and colors used.
  • Header, Footer and Content block have been completely redesigned.
  • The menu is not presented exactly as I wanted, because the functionality of figma does not allow it to be displayed correctly in the prototype. But the visual style I think will be clear.
  • Added a page with an overview of the current staking and rewards. The transition to it is carried out immediately after connecting the wallet.
  • Reworked the Grant Details block. 
Version 1:
Version 2:
The difference between the prototype version 1 and version 2: The prototype design is completely the same. The only difference is in button styles, hover effects, tooltip styles, etc. The first version in a softer design. The second is more strict.

I can also provide full access to all materials in Figma.
There are also plans to develop a design for a mobile KEEP Dashboard. More coming soon ...
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources