Keepers.Community Update 3
17 Oct
We did a lot of work and this is what we have a week after the latest update (Update 2).

We are still working on filling the database and improving the user experience. But very soon we will add a lot of goodies!

So, here's Update 3:

1. PFK round 1-5  results already here.

2. It's around 600 Contributor Profiles already in database!
Contributor profiles - for each contributor, you can see the details of his contribution on his personal page! We tried our best to make it convenient and informative, so here you will find:
  • info about the contributor (introduce yourself section, if there any)
  • all received awards
  • contribution history
  • links to descriptions of works posted on our resource

3. More than 60 tools & dapps presented on the site.
We have provided all the materials with detailed descriptions and screenshots, and in order to quickly get acquainted, you, for example, do not need self-registration through metamask

4. Community Resources - a large list of sites from the community (in progress)

5. Carousel (image galleries for tools, dapps, coomunity resources)

6. Linking.
We continue to improve navigation, add cross-references to related sections. Several tasks from this category are still in development (for example, related pages).
Now available such a feature that you can click on the author's name and see his profile

7. Search
Now, to search for content that we are processing, you can use the portal instead of the discord. Check it out! It's much more convenient that way.

8. Rating system
Curator ratings have already been implemented and are constantly improving.
Now they follow in order of importance, starting with the most useful, and the top ones are framed.

We want to thank the participants who help with curation, entering new dаta: @Vitality#2788, @F1shko#1340.

Do you want to contribute? Missing data? Any ideas? - 

Leave us Feedback!


- Design improvements
- Guide Repository
- Make the site fully responsive, mobile friendly
- Detailed network statistics page (so far only a small widget)
- Community Awards Page (!)
- Fun zones
- "Related" pages
and much more!


Check out Roadmap on Trello (live update):