Keepers.Community Update 2
06 Oct
After the launch of the project on October 1, we have prepared the first update package.

Now you can already view:
Now we are in a hurry to provide the resource with all the necessary information that will help the participants of the competition to better navigate the variety of previously created materials and, as a result, make their own personal contribution.

The following sections are planned to be launched in the very near future:
  • Repository of community guides
  • "Contributors" section (profiles of the participants of the PFK competition with detailed information about the personal contribution)
  • and a few other nice updates
Also in the process of development is
  • cross navigation, 
  • rating system, 
  • gallery previews,
  • tags and much more.

Hey, Community!

We remind you that the goal of the project is to provide comprehensive information about the life of the Keep community and the most complete catalog of information about the Keep Network project ecosystem.

We are also open to ideas and cooperation.