don't know where to store your KEEPs? Now there is a new option. Web-based wallet with built-in AtomicSwap cross-chain exchange (this one is still under development) - one of the solutions for exchanging BTC for tBTC (or vice versa) without going through the Deposit process in dApp.
Features (still under development, only demo for now):
  • Create a wallet 
  • View total balance
  • Make deposits (supported tokens: btc, eth, keep, tbtc, usdt)
  • Send transactions
  • List of transactions
  • Atomic swaps
  • Place an offer
  • light / dark theme
Change Log
  • Developed a site and design for Keep Wallet
  • Added info about MetaMask connection support
  • Added cautions for users about safety and testing-only purposes
  • Contacted swaponline developers for improving AtomicSwap exchange stability
  • Tested wallet and swaps many times, to make sure that users will not have any problems with them
  • Added info about PFK and way to earn KEEP and TBTC
  • Wrote an overview of  
  • Initial version, web-based wallet with built-in AtomicSwap cross-chain exchange