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25k KEEP
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2500 KEEP
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@L i z 's Design Bonus - Additional 5k KEEP
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for the mobile UI, design contributions :tada:, and just plain being helpful!
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Hi guys, i've been following KEEP for a few years, since you have community announcements throught Slack.
I remember how everyone wanted to participate in KEEP ico and an indispensable condition was checking last news there.
I really like your project and i think it has a big future.
I think you have a great team that is fully involved in the project success.

Dear Santa, i was a good boy all this year  I participate in PFK since June and try to do various useful things for the Keep community. For these half a year this community has become a kind of home for me and i'm really sad that PFK is over now.   So I decided to summarize all my contributions and remember how it was. Here is what i did through all this long journey:
1. Wrote a one of the most popular guides about installing Keep nodes, using which the user received a free hosting for 1 month (via refferal link). It has over 300+ registrations from June to December.
2. Wrote tBTC minting guide.
3. Developed
4. Developed
5. Translated tBTC site to Russian.
6. Did a Community Call for Russian audience to promote PFK.
7. Created a 3D mockup of physical KEEP node.
8. Created Keep Dashboard Web UI mockup.
9. Created Mobile UI mockup.
10. Created wallpapers pack.
11. Created some merchandise mockups.
12. Did GitHub bug reports.
13. Helped many people with nodes installation here in Discord and in Telegram.
14. I run nodes 24/7 all this 6 months.
For some reason it never been in Gold Nodes list.  But I know many people who got there after my help with installing nodes and it's really awesome. 15. I'm trying to spread the word about Keep via my friends and colleagues, inviting as many new users as possible.

1. Participated in Liz usability survey
2. Twitted about last PFK round
3. Invited some of new users to Discord server. I'm very grateful to @Matt Luongo for the opportunity to feel like a part of a big project. 

It was undoubtedly one of the best bounty programs in 2020. We found a lot of new friends here and the opportunity to prove ourselves regardless of the presence of certain skills.
All i wish you and your loved ones in 2021 is a good health for everyone.
Hold on and everything will be fine.


Below you can see a list of my October PFK contributions. I would be interested in your feedback about my projects. Please feel free to send me PM  if you have any ideas of how we can improve them or collaborate together in some way.


- Developed a site and design for Keep Wallet
- Added info about MetaMask connection support
- Added cautions for users about safety and testing-only purposes
- Contacted swaponline developers for improving AtomicSwap exchange stability
- Tested wallet and swaps many times, to make sure that users will not have any problems with them
- Added info about PFK and way to earn KEEP and TBTC
- Wrote an overview of
- Wrote a step-by-step guide about AtomicSwap exchange at

Source GitHub code:


- Added September contributions to the site
- Added August contributions
- Added July contributions
- Added info about Keep Wallet

Wrote an article "How to stake KEEP in mainnet?" for newcomers

Community support:
I've provided constant support for many users and helped to install nodes all the time since i've been involved in Playing for Keeps in June. Actually, many of people who got "Piotr's Gold Star Operator" and "Excellent node operation" rewards - used my guide ( and were assisted from me in some way with their issues. Here you can see the list of people (more than 100 in Aug-Sept) who used a referral link from my guide to get free Vultr VPS and install nodes:

Nodes: I’m running Beacon & ECDSA nodes with 0xd33A50D04ff1CF73856276673bD7F1472Ddae5Eb for 4 months and another couple of Beacon & ECDSA with 0xbA0DA3629FDBDB60448BE116f55909DBbEbda9D3 for 2 months.


My contributions for September PFK:

1. - don't know where to store your KEEPs? Now there is a new option. Web-based wallet with built-in AtomicSwap cross-chain exchange (this one is still under development) - one of the solutions for exchanging BTC for tBTC (or vice versa) without going through the Deposit process in dApp.

2. Introduction article about MyKeepWallet:
Also I will write step-by-step guide for built-in exchange after it would pass all tests. Already got tBTC in my wallet, trying to get rid of the bugs, it will take a few days approximately.

3. Invited to KEEP about 100 new users trough Aug-Sept. Many of them received personal assistance in PM and discord with issues about installing nodes. Screenshot:

4. My reply to Mr. James Prestwich aka Best Hair in Ethereum - my 10-year-old "disco ball" haircut from college times:
Just kidding.   You're the best! 

5. I’m running beacon & ecdsa nodes with 0xd33A50D04ff1CF73856276673bD7F1472Ddae5Eb for more than 3 months already + another couple beacon & ecdsa with 0xbA0DA3629FDBDB60448BE116f55909DBbEbda9D3 for 1 month.


As usually this month i've tried to do my best in the fields i can help.


1. I'm running ECDSA and Beacon nodes with address 0xd33A50D04ff1CF73856276673bD7F1472Ddae5Eb for almost 3 months.   In August i've added 300 ETH for tBTC bonding.

2. I've had a few thoughts for the last PFK about the physical KEEP node, but had a lack of time to try things out. So in August I bought a Raspberry Pi 4b 8gb specifically to run KEEP node and do some tests with this beast. Currently I've deployed Beacon with operator address 0xbA0DA3629FDBDB60448BE116f55909DBbEbda9D3. The main idea was to test CPU load and temperature with different cooling options, to understand how it can be implemented in physical KEEP nodes in the future. Also i did handmade logo branding for my Raspberry case with the black vinyl film, but unfortunately needed to remove it after installing a fan. 

After all tests, I must say that CPU usage literally tends to zero, all runs smoothly for a week as it is supposed to be. CPU power exceeds KEEP node's needs.  For cooling  I've tried 4 options:
  • Without any cooling at all (avg. temp is over 60°C).
  • With heatsinks but without fan (avg. temp slightly lower - 57-59°C).
  • With heatsinks and fan with 3v3 power (avg. temp 47-49°C).
  • With heatsinks and fan with 5v power (avg. temp 43-45°C but you can hear how fan is working).
Therefore, the best option in my opinion is to use heatsinks and fan with 3v3 power. This ensures normal cooling and absolutely silent usage.   Pics:


1. I've started to mockup 3D KEEP node, but this is my first experience, maybe @Graeme | argent.xyzcan help with this based on his cool renders. My idea is to create a tower-shaped node with the  on top. There will be green diodes inside the tower and the  letter will be transparent black tinted plastic, green light will pass through it.2. Did minor updates for
  • Added July-mid Aug contributions
  • Added Keep blog article about July winners
  • Added May contributions
  • Added "become a part of our community" call to action section
  • Added social icons in footer.
3. Created a new video with KEEP logo:

Community support: 

1. Helped 20+ newbies with their issues. 
This time mainly i've helped Russian users in Discord and our Keep Russian telegram channel:, which grew to 380+ subscribers. 
Claps for RU version of my "step-by-step installing nodes" guide increased to 250+ (

2. Made some twitter posts and retweets about the KEEP project:


PFK entry for July (full description on etherpad)
Whoa, what a month! This time I have spent literally the entire free time trying to build something useful for the project and I hope I did it. 
My main efforts have been focused on community support and design ideas. I've tried to do my best to involve more people in the KEEP community and help them to run nodes and learn more about the project.  

For Community support i've:

1. Did a Community Call for Russian audience and promoted it in ICO Drops Telegram subchannels with target audience interested in incentive testnets, staking and running nodes. Watch:

2. Helped more than 30+ users to get their nodes running. Most of them got free VPS on Vultr with my link. Prove:

3. Updated my guide about nodes installation with the latest configurations each time they've changed.English version got more than 600+ claps on Medium to the date. 

4. Wrote tBTC minting guide even before the incentive program started. 
For Design i've:

1. Proposed some ideas to Michael Gluzman and Lizz Shin:

2. Created PFK winners site: (still in progress)

3. Created Keep Dashboard Web UI:

4. Created Mobile UI:

5. Made a video for

6. Made 3 videos for tBTC:

7. Did a study of tBTC dApp UI:

8. Did some mockups for Error pages:

GitHub bug reports:Nodes:

I've been running both ECDSA and Beacon nodes for about two months, always keeping my nodes updated with the latest releases and configurations.
My nodes operator address is: 0xd33A50D04ff1CF73856276673bD7F1472Ddae5Eb. In July & August i've added 250 ETH for Bonding tBTC. 
I tried minting tBTC as well. And of course I'm also planning to take part in the Stakedrop.


My PFK submission for June:

1. Running both ECDSA & Beacon nodes. My node operator address is: 0xd33A50D04ff1CF73856276673bD7F1472Ddae5Eb.

2. Wrote a community step-by step guide for completely newbies "Simple step-by-step guide for installing both ECDSA & Beacon Keep Network nodes on VPS" ( so that people are guaranteed to be able to launch both nodes without any errors. As I can see many people use my guide, so I'm very pleased thats it useful. Also if they have any issues, i solve their problems in PM.

3. Translated the guide mentioned above to Russian language and promoting it through different Russian channels (

4. Translated tBTC site to Russian (all available pages via admin CMS), sent to review with GitHub pulls (@nikgrego username). Matt Luongo had approved all my PRs.

5. Made some merchandise mockups (, maybe it would be great to produce something like this so people can get it as prizes during Playing for Keeps.

6. Made wallpapers for PC & Mobile ( I use it by myself, but maybe someone would be interested.

7. Dune dashboard - I've been following KEEP for a few years, since you have community announcements through Slack. Now in spare time i'm trying to help newcomers in Discord to deal with all the issues they have running the nodes. Planning to translate some more materials to RU and make different graphics mockups for community use.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources