Contract activities Watch-Bot
Sends telegram notifications about activities of the Keep/tBTC contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Keeps you informed about the state of your staked ETH.


Apart from the standard python libraries, the bot uses ( and python-telegram-bot (

Takes care of subscriptions to operator addresses. Stores those addresses with the chat_ids in operator_subscriptions.json

Keeps you informed about the state of your staked ETH.
The following events are being tracked:
  1. A deposit is requested and created -> ETH from operators is locked
  2. The TDT of the deposit is sent to the vending machine in exchange for tBTC -> Operator could buy the TDT to free up ETH
  3. tBTC to BTC Part 1: A redemption is requested -> Operator's ETH is still locked, but the TDT is transferred to the requester and can no longer be bought
  4. tBTC to BTC Part 2: The bonded ETH is released. (Note: This could also be the case if the BTC Deposit/Setup failed/timed out, in this case step 2 & 3 would be skipped)
The bot is currently set to only send notifications for ETH bonds with a value larger than 1 ETH. This can be adjusted via the file.
The idea is to run every ~10min or so. The watcher will then process all the blocks that occured during those 10min and send notifications accordingly. In my experience, this is a more robust setup than subscribing to new events where e.g. small issues with the node or uncle-blocks could cause blocks to be missed.
Please note that this bot is still in alpha. I'll test it more and make the necessary contract/function adjustments once tBTC relaunches.

I'm planning on adding more features like liquidation warnings etc. If you have suggestions, please raise an Issue here on github or contact me on Discord.