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tBTC TG watch-bot, anyone?
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Time for my "offical"  Playing for Keeps entry! I've been following Keep since late 2017 (can be verified by my long term slack membership) and I'm excited about seeing the Keep Random Beacon and its first application in the form of tBTC on the mainnet. It's the first trustless BTC on Ethereum and will hopefully bring a lot of BTC holders to Ethereum and its various DeFi applications.

Among other things with my Playing for Keeps submission for this month: A tBTC-Watcher Telegram bot! The bot is meant for Keep operators. Currently, its main functionality is to keep you informed about the state of your staked ETH. The following events are being tracked: 1. A deposit is requested and created -> ETH from operators is locked 2. The TDT of the deposit is sent to the vending machine in exchange for tBTC -> Operator could buy the TDT to free up ETH 3. tBTC to BTC Part 1: A redemption is requested -> Operator's ETH is still locked, but the TDT is transferred to the requester and can no longer be bought 4. tBTC to BTC Part 2: The bonded ETH is released. (Note: This could also be the case if the BTC Deposit/Setup failed/timed out, in this case step 2 & 3 would be skipped) Every notification contains the transaction link, so you can check for yourself if the information is correct. I'm planning on adding more features like liquidation warnings. If you have suggestions, please open an Issue on github or contact me on Discord. Link to github:
By subscribing to the bot, operators are informed when their locked ETH can be freed up (by buying tBTC and exchanging it for the specific TDT) or withdrawn (as soon as the bonded ETH is released) before it gets locked again. I've tested the bot on the previous mainnet version of tBTC, of course I'll need to adjust the contract addresses and probably some functions as soon as tBTC is relaunched. That's also why the bot is currently not hosted/running...

I have been running a keep node.
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