Keep Node Status Check. Shows Total Score and founded errors.

What's this app for?

The application displays information about the state of the operator of your nodes including balance, bonded ethers, the amount of tokens in the stake and so on.

What's about score?

Scores are need for a simplified view of the state of your node.

How can improve my nodes?

Follow the instructions in the "Founded issues" tab after scoring.

I found a bug!

Please take screenshots or provide error logs via the Google Chrome console (Inspect). DM me in discord (@Herobrine#1852) or create an issue on github. If you're a dev, I'd love to see a pull request!

Special thanks

@ssh#4098 in Discord for helping.
Also thanks for share Keep contracts.
@Antonio#6691 for helping.
Danil @Ushakov#5735 and @whataday2day#1271 for deploy ropsten dedicated node.

For Deveopers

Web3 app for checking status of the Keep nodes.

The idea to create this application came to me when I remembered about Google Page Speed service for checking the status of the site. What I liked the most about it is tips for improving your site and show you how many score have your site.

This app uses abi to access smart contracts and displays information about the operator of your node. Connection to the app goes through MetaMask or without Web3 provider installed (infura now). You can use it in your browser with the extension or in your smartphone through the native MetaMask app. Also you can add custom operator address througth Menu->"Add custom address".

The app uses accurate data on the required minimum value of unbonded ETH through sortition pools and accurate data on the required minimum value of stake in delegation.

The project structure is very simple:
  • several html files to display site in browser
  • main file with application code app.js
  • pictures and styles, libraries
  • php script for ping ip:port through a socket
At the moment, this is my first experience of creating decentralized applications, so there may be some errors or inaccuracies. You can report them via Issue.