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Hi, I'm Andrei. I joined Keep since 2018 through Slack.


September intro:
Hi, my name is Andrei. I keep improving my application
Many users have already visited it, I continue to keep it running and fix bugs.
The application is used to monitor nodes, track problems.
I have also been monitoring my nodes for many months.


I made an application
for the September PFK for viewing information about your node (both ECDSA and Random Beacon) using the operator's address (you can just copy it in the token-dashboard).
The application also evaluates your node on a 100-point scale, taking into account many parameters, such as slashing, the number of ETH on the wallet and in the bond, authorization of contracts, and so on.
The app also has utilities to check your node's internet availability, calculates the exact amount of needable unbonded ETH, the minimum amount of KEEP for staking and displays many useful messages to improve the quality of your node.
Also, the application works both in Mainnet and in Ropsten.
To connect to the application, you can use Metamask or another Web3 provider, you can also connect to the application without the Web3 provider installed in the browser.
The wallet address can be entered via Menu -> "Add custom address" or taken from Metamask.
According to Cloudflare, the app has had over 600 unique visits since the launch date and I've also received positive feedback from users.
Link to statistics screen:
The source code of the application is available on the github in the public domain:
Application link:
Also of course my both nodes are working well: 0x37106286a0fD8F309b5719c8C2CcC3016b33E44d
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