Keep Peeker bot
Keep Network node monitoring and notification system.
Keep Network node monitoring and notification system.
Specific feature is delicate adjustment of notifications for every operator address.
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Click on "My addresses" and the bot will give you a list of all the addresses you follow:
  • You can see current statistics for each wallet
  • Each address has its own settings menu.
  • You can delete an address from your watch list or rename it.
The notifications as short as possible, but informative.
They contain information about the type of event, a link to the address in the browser, and a link to the event (for example, New Deposit, Deposit Redeemed and so on).

Change Log

Initial version
  • Adding multiple operators for monitoring
  • Ability to add custom names for operators
  • Summary for each operator (bonded and available to bond, number of faults, staked KEEP amount and tBTC rewards)
  • Each operator has its own set of enabled notification types, which allows for flexible configuration
  • Each notification contains the name of your operator with an embedded link to, as well as a link to the Deposit
  • Critical notifications such as Courtesy Call and Collateralization Decreased have a built-in Redeem butto