This is Keep's virtual office in the Decentraland world.
This month I thought that a place doesn't matter if there are no people in it. So I decided to hold a series of events with various activities.
The main goal of the events is to increase awareness of Keep and Tbtc in the crypto community.

The ultimate idea is to give people exclusive NFTs at every event and at the end announce a reward pool for everyone who has these NFTs. A total of 3 events were held.

1 prize pool for holders of only 1 nft.
2 prize for those who have 2 NfT. 
3 prize for those who attended all events.

I want to emphasize that an active member of the community @salty palo offered to give NFT. He also took on the job of creating NFT design and minting. He also helped promote events in the communities in every possible way.

There were no details about the rewards, and the rewards themselves were not announced by and large, so our meetings gathered the highest quality audience, who are really interested in the project and are ready to go further with it.