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for the tBTC cheat sheet, translations, a secret contribution we'll be sharing soon, and design  and execellent node operation
Introduce yourself
Hi, dice is with you! I live in Kazakhstan, we don't have many people who know about Bitcoin, and I think a few people know about KEEP.
I'm going to fix it!  For Keep Network, I have been watching since 2018. It was from this moment that I was signed up for the telegram channel and news of the project.
However, we all remember that these were not the best years for crypto. Unfortunately, when the activity started in April 2020, I was busy with many things and all attempts to start working with Keep were in vain ( work, children.) At the beginning of June, I had a couple of days off and tried to launch nodes, but I didn't succeed due to a lack of knowledge and instructions.
I'm a damn humanitarian, I spent the whole weekend, but I couldn't do it. However, I recently went on vacation and started playing with Keep.
I have launched nodes and I'm going to help spread information about the KEEP throughout the crypto space!

My activity for LAST PFK:

1)   My nodes Random Beacon Node and ECDSA Node. It continues to work without interruption.
2) In the last PFK, I decided to continue our meetings in Decentraland reality, because the community was interested in continuing this.
2.1.) To begin with, we awarded the participants of the previous series of events, each participant of the meeting received a memorable NFT and a certain amount of KEEP. The award ceremony took place in a solemn atmosphere!
3) Now I will talk about the concept of the last series of events. The last series of events, called "KEEP Grand Series of Events", consists of 6 meetings. The first 3 meetings were held in December and now I will tell you what was done during the preparation for these meetings and at the meetings themselves.

Event 1.  Announcement in DCL: Announcement in Twitter:
I want to note that the first event attracted a lot of attention on Twitter. We collected 69 likes and 48 retweets, and the total engagement reached more than 4,000.
A lot of people came and at some point we did not fit into the office. At the first meeting, I told the participants about one of the simplest ciphers, the Caesar cipher. I gave them a cipher and using hints, they had to decrypt it. Here is the cipher itself:CSXolXrrcCebwrpgvforfgpelcgbobhagltnzr! After doing everything right, they should have received the next phrase. PFK by Keep Project is best crypto bounty game! Many have done it, it was fun and educational for many participants.Event 2.  

Announcement in DCL:
Announcement in Twitter:
Here we also showed a good result and collected 41 likes and 24 retweets. It should be noted that these are all real people interested in technology.
The second meeting was held on the territory of @butter. It has a huge playground, it is very convenient.
I shared my thoughts on the riddles with the participants. And how to solve them. In conclusion, I asked them a riddle that required attention and thoughtfulness.
1 Marc-Andre ter Stegen (Barcelona)
2 David de Gea (Manchester United)
3 Daniel Carvajal (Real Madrid)
4 Fabinho (Liverpool)
5 Jorginho (Chelsea)
6 Saul Niguez (Atletico Madrid)
7 Jan Oblak (Atletico Madrid)
8 Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (Lazio)
9 Granit Xhaka (Arsenal)
10 Emanuel Vignato (Bologna)
11 - ????
Try to solve :)
The solution here is quite simple and special knowledge in football is not needed here. It's all about the Fibonacci sequence. The sum of the previous two numbers, under which two players play, gives us the number of the next player. Thus, the 11 player can be any player under the number 89.
Many have experienced problems with this. Perhaps riddles, this is the most difficult in any quest. However, everyone was enthusiastic and our event lasted almost two hours.Event 3.  

Announcement in DCL:
Announcement in Twitter:
At the last event of 2020, I invited participants to talk about encryption machines. We were talking about the most popular of them - Enigma.
After that, I offered them the riddle again.
I gave them a cipher that needed to be decrypted using an Enigma emulator.
Here is the cipher itself:y jmgv mpp h wmaxl wui wfpd! kct ftjk bayw aj jog nduo mbz. md kgiu I gave them a website with an emulator and hints to the settings. All the hints were related to KEEP and only people studying the project could get the correct settings. As a result, almost everyone coped with the task and deciphered the phrase.
They got the following phrase: I wish you a happy New Year! And more Keep in the last PFK. by DiceThe first 3 events were a good preparation for the main quest, which I prepared for the participants. In January, we will hold 3 more events and at each of them, participants will face serious puzzles.
And only after solving all 3 riddles, participants will be able to get closer to the main key of this quest.
All the details of the main quest, I will send a personal file to @Kris , so that the participants can not see it ahead of time. Thanks for your attention! I hope you enjoyed it!

My activity for October PFK  

1)   My nodes Random Beacon Node and ECDSA Node. It continues to work without interruption.  

2)   As you know, last time I created a virtual Keep office in the world of Decentraland. It is constantly located here at this link. 
This month I thought that a place doesn't matter if there are no people in it. So I decided to hold a series of events with various activities. The main goal of the events is to increase awareness of Keep and Tbtc in the crypto community. The ultimate idea is to give people exclusive NFTs at every event and at the end announce a reward pool for everyone who has these NFTs. A total of 3 events were held. 

1 prize pool for holders of only 1 nft. 
2 prize for those who have 2 NfT 
3 prize for those who attended all events.

I want to emphasize that an active member of the community @salty palooffered to give NFT. He also took on the job of creating NFT design and minting. He also helped promote events in the communities in every possible way. 

There were no details about the rewards, and the rewards themselves were not announced by and large, so our meetings gathered the highest quality audience, who are really interested in the project and are ready to go further with it.

The first event was dedicated to getting acquainted with the project. At this meeting, I invited active community members and those who have received great awards in PFK, having developed something really interesting.  

107 people applied for the event. At the meeting itself, the passability was about 50 for the entire time. We discussed the latest developments of PFK participants, quests, and the future of THE project. It was a lot of fun. There were also new members who were very interested in PFK.  

4) The second event.

In the second event, I decided to test the participants ' knowledge of the Keep and tbtc projects. I prepared a special crossword puzzle. If you are interested, you can find it at this link.

Participants had to find a link to the crossword puzzle somewhere in the office and click on it. All the questions in the crossword are related to Keep and tbtc, you can see for yourself. After solving the crossword puzzle, participants had to make up the correct phrase and check it. Only someone who completely solved the crossword puzzle could find the phrase correctly.

During the whole time, there were about 30-40 people at the event, but very few were able to solve the entire crossword puzzle.

Photo: 5)  The Third event.

This event is timed to coincide with the celebration of Halloween, so I worked a little on the office and changed the scenery, adding a lot of Halloween elements. I also added interactive elements so that participants can complete a small quest.

I prepared 19 questions and 1 riddle. They are all related to Keep and tbtc. This time, all participants act as a team. Their task was to answer all the questions and solve the riddle. Each correct answer added them one point as soon as they scored 20 points. The mechanism that opened the secret room where the key is stored was triggered. With the key, they could open the chest where the instructions for getting the NFT are stored.

The event lasted about two hours, which is how long it took the participants to solve all the riddles. It was an exciting event where all the participants worked as a team. During the entire event, about 50 people visited the office, but only 15 got to the very end.

Here are all the questions from the quiz, on the second page the answers. You can test yourself.

Special thanks to @nahuus, who was not only a participant in all the events, but also gave me a huge help in the third event, helping with moderation of questions and answers.

1) Tell me the name and surname of the person whose photo hangs under the photo of the CEO of Thesis company.
2) What is the minimum BTC lot size when creating tbtc?
3) Name two companies that help Keep develop tbtc?
4) What is the amount of bond collateral for tbtc Signer...

After the event ends, I will continue to support this activity so that all NFT owners receive the rewards they deserve. I will conduct a sample among all participants to determine who collected how much NFT.  

In conclusion, I want to say that my team this month was @salty palo, who completely took over the work on NFT and @nahuus, who helped me out in the last event and was generally very active at all events. Thank you all!


1) My nodes Random Beacon Node and ECDSA Node on 0x5A3EdD6b6c0813E8dA9279c3F1CaB2857DBDE4b7. It continues to work without interruption.
2) I know that the KEEP team doesn't have an office, all work is done remotely. However, I thought that this does not prevent us from having a virtual office in the blockchain space. This month, I came up with the idea to create a virtual office for the entire community. When choosing a platform, my choice fell on the Decentraland space               
  •  First of all, you had to choose a place. I wanted it to be a very nice place: on one side in the woods, away from the hustle and bustle, but close to the road and main areas. I tracked various offers for a month and couldn't find a suitable one, but I managed to find what I think is the perfect place. The area is called "Decentraland University Dropouts United". I think this name is in the spirit of bold entrepreneurs and decentralization, which is carried by Keep Network.             
  • All I had to do was find a seller and buy this parcel. I wrote several ADS in DCL groups and I managed to get in touch with the owner of this parcel, after a little haggling, I bought this parcel. Neighboring parcel are sold for 50k MANA, I think this indicates the high status of this area. I was lucky enough to buy this plot somewhat cheaper through the OTC market.              
  • In parallel with the search for the site, I started creating an office scene. I wanted to do something in the high-tech style, but always with advertising links, so that random passers-by would have the opportunity to learn more about the project. I also wanted to add a little riddle element to the office entrance. This is a very simple riddle, much easier than the last quest)

All you need to get to the office is Metamask with any ERC20 address.Here are the quick steps: 

1. Follow the link:,144 
2. Check the box in the agreements and click "Start Exploring" 
3. Approve the connection to your address via Metamask. 
4. Wait for the scene to load. 
5. Congratulations you teleported in front of the Keep office!

Save this link to your bookmarks:,144 Or remember the coordinates of the office (6,144) to always be able to teleport here.

  I also suggest to see the surroundings of the office, there is a lot of interesting things there. On the back side, for example, someone created a barbecue area, I think this is a great place to relax after a busy day))

 In conclusion, I want to add that in the conditions of remote work, in this place you can hold a huge number of events, meetings or even quests.  

Unfortunately, creating the scene took me all the time in September. I tried several office options to create the best one. There were also some technical limitations that had to be met in order to create the best option in the end. So this is my only contribution in September. I hope you enjoyed it)


1) My nodes Random Beacon Node and ECDSA Node on 0x5A3EdD6b6c0813E8dA9279c3F1CaB2857DBDE4b7. It continues to work without interruption. At the moment, I've added 968 ETH for tBTC bonding.
2) The end of the month was very fun. The community liked the idea of the quest and I tried to actively help the participants in their search. There were attempts to sell correct answers in the telegram, which I managed to stop. In General, I took an active part in organizing and conducting the quest and tried to help Kris with it. I hope to help complete it and distribute the prizes fairly. I also wrote the final word for the quest with a complete solution and fun quotes. Kris will have the original, too.
 3) To facilitate the distribution of prizes. I created a special spreadsheet that will automatically count all the prizes. You only need to know and fill in two indicators: the number of winners and the prize pool. After that, the spreadsheet will calculate everything automatically. The system of prize pool is calculated so that with each new winner, the others get a little less. This way, participants knew that finding the right answer would not be beneficial for them to share with others. The spreadsheet is very simple. There are two tabs. You only need the "Main".
There are only two cells in this tab that you should change: "Winners" and "Prize pool". In the "Winners" cell, you will enter the total number of participants who will send correct answers, and in the "Prize pool" - the number of tokens allocated for this event. As a result, the table will recalculate the new values. Other cells do not need to be edited, they show information about winnings. You don't need the "Calc" tab either.
All basic calculations are performed there. 
Access to this link is still closed. So that participants do not see the possible distribution of prizes in advance. However, I will open it later. @Kris  has the original version of this spreadsheet.  
4) I also created a short presentation on the topic of comparing tBTC and other "Bitcoins". It is very simple and easy to understand.  
5) And finally, I would like to share my thoughts on Keep. This is a small series of two notes.


 My nodes Random Beacon Node and ECDSA Node on 0x5A3EdD6b6c0813E8dA9279c3F1CaB2857DBDE4b7 

1) Article in Russian on a popular Russian-language resource about cryptocurrency. This is not a blogger resource. this portal only publishes articles from authors who have been working with the resource for a long time. All articles are strictly moderated and censored.
2) This article is on medium. Actually a translation of the previous article.
3) Article in Russian, on one of the Russian-language resources about cryptocurrency. I tried to cover as many sites as possible. In this article, I tell you how to quickly start playing PFK.
4)Article in English on one of the most popular resources about cryptocurrency.
5) This is my translation of the article into Italian. Original: My translate:
6) A little design from me. Cheat sheet about TBTC: 7) And finally the most interesting thing. I have prepared a quest in several steps for the community. This is an interesting activity that requires people to be attentive, Keep knowledge, and of course savvy. If you really want to spend this quest with the community, I should not publicly post links. I will send links to this activity in personal messages (discord) to the judge who was announced - Viktor Bunin. I hope it's not forbidden.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources