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Hey channel, I just finished writing the Absolute Beginner's Guide to Playing for Keeps. It's the how-to guide that I wish I had when I went to set up my node and start staking on the testnet.

I have a node running on the testnet with the Random Beacon and tBTC contracts going. Address: 0x52dc86281B84178A8fc6c331A4711C5fcB02E214

Actually, even though there's some great guides out there, I had real trouble getting my node up and running. I'm kinda technical - not enough to get it right the first time, but enough to troubleshoot my way through over a couple of days.
So, my entry is the "The absolute beginner’s guide to Playing for Keeps."

It's for all the designers, writers, marketers, community managers, and non-technical blockchain enthusiasts out there.

There's so many people who have a lot to contribute to growing the Keep Network community, especially via the PFK activities, but will have trouble ticking the first PFK box - running a node.

This was a mammoth project. The article is over 10,000 words with 80+ screenshots and gifs which the user through every step of getting their node running.

There's heaps of context too - so instead of just clicking 'authorize' on a smart contract, you know what that contract does and why we're authorizing it.

I got lots of great feedback and help from @Dat who happens to have onboarded a bunch of non-technical Keepers recently too, so thanks a lot. He also helped with the gifs and images since that's not my strong point. And I built on @benlongstaff's guide which got me running in the first place!

This guide will constantly be updated too. Even though we have tested it with a few people, I'm always keen to hear if new users have trouble at any point, so I can make it even easier - let's get everyone running on Keep Network!
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