NODE setup absolute beginner guide
The simplest, step-by-step instructions on how to get a Keep Network node running on the Ethereum testnet.

this guide assumes you don’t have any prior technical knowledge — not of using cryptocurrency, running a network node, or fiddling with your computer’s command line.

I wrote this guide with the help of some friends — mostly writers and designers. None of us are very technical people.

We got our nodes setup and running after struggling with some of the existing guides, which are mostly built by and for software developers.

Those guides assumed we knew all sorts of technical stuff. Some of the steps seemed to make no sense, or skimmed over key bits of information, and caused us more problems down the track.

So, this guide is full of pictures, explanations about the tools you’re using, and other handy info that will get you through the process without missing a beat.

You might even learn something about blockchain along the way.