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Haven't formally introduced myself but my name is Bryan and I've been running on the testnet for about 3-4 weeks now? I can't remember as time has no meaning for me lately, every day is wednesday.

1. - bug report:](
2 - bug report:](
3 - bug report/troubleshooting: Helped identify client bug that lead to loss of funds due to client not signing public key request and becoming vulnerable to liquidation calls: Improvements around handling duplicates of Ethereum events triggering new keep creation. Ethereum nodes can send duplicates of these events in certain cases, including reorgs. Certain specific event triggers could lead to multiple DKG and key submission processes competing for on-chain submission, resulting in potentially conflicting key shares during keep creation. In rare cases, this could lead to loss of funds. This issue is now fixed through better deduplication of events. 4 - Importance of backing up data and tutorial using Backblaze B2 + RClone:](


1)  Continued support of testnet  running ECDSA and Core
2) testing tBTC minting and redeeming.
3) Helped process some of the results of the tBTC challenge
4) Provided instructions on setting up ELK montoring of nodes: Setting up ELK monitoring to monitor Keep Core and ECDSA Nodes -

Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources