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Keep Collateral bot is designed to help operators manage the courtesy call events when their keeps become under collateralized.
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10k KEEP
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Hi all, I'm a developer from Australia. I have been following Keep since Jan 2018 when I was writing reviews of the technology behind projects like Keep.

## My entry for December PFK
I Wrote a script to help operators check if they have claimed all the ECDSA rewards from interval 1 and 2 and make the redemption process easier
I am Building a bot to help operators redeem keeps that become under collateralised.
I added detailed documentation on how to dev against a forked version of Keeps mainnet locally to help other devs.
AAVE Proposal: We submitted a new proposal to AAVE for TBTC,  in a joint effort with @ramaruro and @EstebanK  (
CREAM Proposal for TBTC: I worked with @ramaruro and @EstebanK to successfully add TBTC as an collateral asset on Cream, in order for everybody use TBTC as a collateral for lending and borrowing. ( (
Wrote this article on the new stake drop mechanics (its currently in review with editor for Kraken)
I am running a node on mainnet (details available via DM).

I went through the deposit and redemption flows on main net several times to capture error messages and provide UX feedback.
Did QA on the updated TBTC site and did a small PR to update the links that got missed from testnet to mainnet
Wrote up the process of taking out smart contract insurance for TBTC 
Shared some of the complexities of running a node on main net, in the process of editing it into an article
Currently writing up my comments from
Into a blog post to explain the difference between RenBTC and TBTC.


I added some comments on the rewards PR
and turned it into an article
I have random beacon running on testnet


I wrote this article with a lot of screenshots assuming no knowledge about crypto so a beginner could get a node running on testnet .
I have random beacon running on testnet.


After reading the whitepaper many times and getting a bunch of feedback from the team, I put together a visual explainer to understand what is actually happening in sMPC.
Recently I published it on medium
I have been trying to get the random beacon running with Brave but still troubleshooting some issues. Currently documenting the process with screenshots to turn it into a quickstart guide.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources