Community Node Project
Public Ethereum ropsten node for all PFK participants
As you know, in order to participate in Playing for Keeps you have to set up and run a KEEP node. KEEP nodes require 24/7 connection to an Ethereum node. Internet suggests a various of free services, but all of them do have certain limits.

Here is an example: Infura is a convenient one, but it has a limit on requests per day. Other free services also have various limitations, such as time limit and concurrent requests limit. Running an own Ethereum node can be too cumbersome. We strive to serve our KEEP community and that’s why we decided to run a public Ethereum node with no limits, zero fees, and with public monitoring.

We invite all PFK participants and KEEP node owners to take advantage of using our scalable Ethereum node on the Ropsten network!

The link below points to a server pool that is running Ethereum nodes with automatic load balancing. You will not experience any limit on requests, like in Infura, there is no time limit (the nodes will be running at least till PFK completes), so your KEEP nodes will always be online and running, even if experiencing heavy load.

To use our Ethereum node, just add these links to your config file instead of Infura.
URL = "wss://"
We also offer a convenient monitoring tool for this server pool via Grafana. You can monitor the servers load, capacity and performance in real time. The link is available to everyone and requires no registration.

We are planning to maintain the service and to share new features as they become available. We are open to any feedback and suggestions!

Maintainers: @Danil Ushakov#5735, @whataday2day#1271