KEEP Staking Aggregator
A smart contract that aggregates KEEP for staking


  1. Deploy the contract providing the set of owners
  2. Deposit KEEP into the contract to receive stKEEP
  3. Use Gnosis Safe's UI to set the operator and make any other needed transactions
  4. Burn stKEEP to retrieve your initial KEEP

How it works

The contract is basically an n-of-n multisig which allows people to pool in KEEP and then perform any actions necessary with it, allowing all individual actors to withdraw at any time if the multisig enters in a conflict. Because of this, the multisig is trustless, as all actions will require the approval of all stakeholders and if at any point the process gets stuck or there's any problem, these can just opt out of the system.
The KEEP tokens deposited inside the contract by each member of the multisig are tracked via another token that represents redemption rights over the KEEP held in the contract.
If an slashing event takes place and some of the KEEP is lost, this contract doesn't make any assumption on how this should be handled. Instead, it allows the multisig to pause withdrawals (this can't be front-run by members because the KEEP tokens should be staked at the moment, thus not available for withdrawal) and put in place any system chosen by it's members.