Dune Analytics Network Dashboard
Large aggregate Dune Analytics Dashboard with lots of useful data
Dashboards shows:
  • Cumulative BTC Deposit Volume
  • tBTC Current Supply
  • Unique BTC Depositers
  • Cumulative BTC Deposits vs. Redemptions
  • Deposit & Redemption Volume 
  • BTC Deposits by Lot Size
  • tBTC Supply over time 
  • Total ETH Staked
  • Total ETH Bonds Created
  • Unique ETH Stakers
  • ETH staked vs. ETH bonded 
  • USD ETH staked vs. ETH bonded
  • ETH Bonded vs. tBTC supply 
  • System Collateralization Ratio
  • ETH Staked by Operator
  • ETH Bonded by Operator
  • Cumulative Signer Fees vs. Deposits 
  • Cumulative Liquidations
  • Total KEEP Staked
  • Unique KEEP Stakers
  • KEEP Token Staked
  • Staked vs. Unstaked KEEP 
  • KEEP Stakers by Amount 
  • Top 20 KEEP Stakers
  • KEEP Stake Locked by ECDSA Operator
  • SPV Proof Average Gas Costs 
  • Total Playing For Keeps Rewards 
  • Cumulative KEEP Grants Withdrawn
  • KEEP Grant Distribution