Keep Nodes Map and Stats
Show the distribution of keep nodes around the world
Demo site currently not working properly (Oct 2020).

How it works

Get peers information

I modified the p2p and diagnostics modules of keep-core so that it provides more information, such as the network address of peers. keep-ecdsa can also provide these Information when let keep-ecdsa use the modified keep-core.
The information provided by the modified interface as follows:

Store peers information

Write a crawler to periodically grab peers' data from their diagnostics API and save it to PostgreSQL.

Provide API for frontend

Implement an API that provides peers' information, and fill in the location information for every peer through its network address.

Display keep network node information

Use React and Google Maps to show the distribution of keep nodes around the world.


Since the geographical distribution of keep nodes has been shown, I plan to add more on-chain data to the website to make KeepStatsmore practical and beautiful:
  1. Statistics of KEEP and TBTC, etc.
  2. On-chain status of each node's wallet.
Change Log
-Included total KEEP staked & total ETH staked.
And the historical changes in the two amounts are shown on a curve. 
-Secondly, you can click on "More" to see the details of nodes.
I counted the online data of all the nodes. You can also see it here: