TBTC deposits/redeems Explorer Tool
TBTC explorer has the following features:
  1. TBTC explorer distinguishes and organizes the list of deposits and the list of redeem across the Keep network. On the explorer home page, we show you the key data of TBTC.

  2. You can search for your address on the explorer homepage to view details of your address, including all deposits and redeem records of your address, the TBTC balance, and the TDT and FRT.

  3. Visualize the TBTC lifecycle. On the details page, TBTC explorer shows the complete flow of transactions, and now you can see where your transactions have gone, with links to the associated

  4. Last but not least, TBTC explorer provides a list of all available TDTs in the Keep network. Many newbies encounter TDTs not available when redeeming TBTC, and they don't know where to look for suitable TDTs. So TBTC explorer list all available TDTs and provides sorting by size.

  5. Liquidity pools on decentrazed platfoms for Keep and tBTC.

Next on the roadmap:

1. I will redesign the TBTC explorer to make it look cooler.
2. Try querying data using a subgraph.
3. Adding support for additional data.
4. Support for Ropsten testnet: (not avaiable now)
Change Log
  • Added new data for TBTC/ETH liquidity pool, updated a new page for tBTC liquidity
  • Added a new page for liquidity pools of TBTC
  • Created a new page to show the data of TBTC minted and TBTC holders
  • Added a link in homepage for users to mint TBTC
  • Updated a new UI for the whole website
  • Upgrade to https 
  • Use The Graph to get data instead of use Infra 
  • new UI
  • added a page for liquidity pools
  • list of deposits and the list of redeem
  • search address and show details: all deposits and redeem records, the TBTC balance, the TDT and FRT
  • complete flow of transactions
  • a list of all available TDTs, sorting by size