KEEP network: extended powerbi analytics
Helpful dashboards that can be used by the Keep community and the Keep team.
Analytical Tools are used here, dashboards have been developed containing three pages and providing interesting information about Keep tokens, DEX and holders, transactions, etc.
Some information is relevant, and some are updated every 24 hours (for example, holders).
Change Log
  • Added analytical data about tradings in DEX. 
For instance you can learn overall and in terms of certain ETH address:
  • Heatmap by hour and weekday 
  • Average price by week number. Size proportional by about of transactions for BUY
  • Dynamics of average price, Transactions to BUY/Sell by year, month and day
  • Purchased amount by month
  • Shares of purchased and sold amount of KEEP 
  • etc.

Initial version
  • Dashboards, containing three pages and gives interesting information about about Keep tokens, DEX and Holders, transactions etc.