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Hello everyone!

For my PFK contribution for October:

I created the website, a responsive platform based on coinmarketcap lessons (Obs. I created all the design especially for this site), where I made available ELI5 guides that I wrote to help the community on how to make tBTC mint and how to earn yield with tBTC on DeFi. In addition to the guides, all the pools that are currently active are linked on the website, as well as all the voting proposals that are ongoing to further engage the community in the voting process for listing new liquidity pools.

The ELI5 guides I wrote, which are linked on the website, are as follows:

1. Getting started on tBTC and how to mint it.
2. How to add tBTC on Curve Liquidity Pool
3. How to add tBTC on Uniswap Liquidity Pool
4. How to add tBTC on Balancer Liquidity Pool
5. How to add tBTC on Sushiswap Liquidity Pool

In addition, this month I engaged a lot on Discord with other members and team members, raised complex and profound questions about the functioning of the Keep + ETH stake, the conversations I had on the specific stake channels became a reference in many other conversations later used and linked by other users. Also in terms of involvement, after the deposit flood attack at the end of the previous interval, I discussed with several members of the community including Keep team members itself to discuss the nature of the attack, and I've gave some ideas and tips for containment this problem on the following intervals.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources