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Hi everybody! My name is Arthur.
I am an IT specialist and have been interested in cryptocurrencies for the last year.
Glad to join Keep Community!

This is my submission for PFK.
his month I have continued to develop
Several dozen videos have been added. Also, the design has been worked out and some bugs have been fixed.
Welcome to the site :)
Run Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes.

October submission: I launched both Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes, the node.

Whole October I have been developing
I added some videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Discord and split them into video types such as "Guides", "Reviews", "Intro & Logo", "Presentations", "Animation", "tBTC", "DeFi" and by month of PFK.

I did a search by contributors, video types and PFK months. On the site you can select any month of PFK and see all the videos for that month and when you click on the contributor's nickname, you will see specifically his video and his message in the "About" tab . In advanced search, you can select a specific contributor and get only his video. In total, 93 videos, 49 contributors were added to the site.
I'll add all the videos for October soon, and then add all videos about Keep and tBTC.

I think it is more useful to upload videos to services such as YouTube and Vimeo, but it is much more convenient to view them on a separate site, in which case the maximum number of users from all video services will see them. I hope the site will be useful to the community
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources