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Hi, everybody. My name is Lima. I am a software developer and crypto enthusiast.
The first time I saw your project was in 2017, and I remember liking the idea of a private layer implementation.
Glad to be with your project. 

I also launched ECDSA and Beacon Random nodes in the Robsten network.
I want to present you a site that I developed specifically for the keep-community.
The site is a guide, with the help of which you can quickly and easily find tools developed by community members: bots, monitoring services and different guides.

The site was developed using the following technologies:
1.    Typescript
2.    mySQL
3.    React
4.    Redux React is a library used for GUI rendering.

This allows you to unload the server due to the fact that the rendering of UI components occurs on the client side thereby reducing the load on the server.
Redux is a library used to store states globally. Introduction of these technologies in one project can reduce the load on the server, reduce the response time and save server resources, which plays a key role in the modern technological world.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources