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Hi, everyone! My name is Stanislav.

1. During this month I was working on  
This website is a Keep Network documentation, where I've collected and structured tons of information from a huge amount of sources. It aims to be some kind of a database, where people go when they need to find information about Keep project. Moreover, I've added the most useful community tools and top guides, so they don't get lost in all discord messages. You can use a Search engine for a better user experience

Documentation contains the following sections:
- Keep Network general info
- How Random Beacon works
- tBTC explanation
- Staking documentantion
- Node Setup and Operation
- Development section
- Community tools
- Community tutorials

As I want this project to be shared among the community, please, feel free to add changes and proposals via Github

By the way, the cool Halloween poster is created by @yabip567 . Thank you, buddy!

2. I've made a Keep Chrome extension for faster navigation during development or any other process. Despite its simlpicity, this extension increases your work speed significantly. You can easily change link panel for your own purposes. It's still waiting for Chrome Webstore approval, but you can easily download it from Github.

3. Of course, I've been running nodes: Beacon and ECDSA, Beacon. 

4. I've added Grafana monitoring for my second Beacon node

5.  I've voted for the tBTC / ETH pool on SushiSwap and have been one of the most active members of Russian Telegram community helping and curating newcomers


1) As the Keep Network project is constantly growing, I’ve noticed that many community members and newcomers are getting lost in all the links, repositories and blogposts. Therefore, I’ve looked threw other top project's solutions and best practices in structuring information.
That’s why, inspired by Cosmos documentantion, during this month, I’ve been filling and systematizing Keep’s docs from all the sources and created a documentation, which, hopefully, will help Keep Network project collect all docs in one place.
Currently, I'm integrating an upgraded Algolia Search engine, but I'm still waiting for an answer from them 

2) Since many people wanted to create their own Keep and tBTC subgraphs, I've created a simple guide, specially for them

3) I've been running Beacon and ECDSA nodes.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources