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Hello everyone.
My name is Vladislav and I have been working in cryptography since the beginning of 2018.
Since then, I have come to appreciate good projects that will have a good impact on society and the crypto community in General. I am developing my skills and learning more about decentralized blockchain technologies.

Hello my friends! This is the second time I participate in the PFK and I am very happy with it.
Last time I developed a bot for minting tbtc
Link to my previous message:

Also running a Beacon Random and ECDSA nodes.
Scaling is critical to the application development process. Scalability is a measure of efficiency as a given load increases in size. It is something that should be considered from the start of the design and development process and not an afterthought.
You don’t want to set limitations on your applications. Additionally, you need to consider that data may be processed in parallel and federated across multiple sources.

This article is to learn how to integrate RabbitMQ and Redis Cluster to scale your KEEP network application.
Let’s get started with optimizing our blockchain application to handle a large number of requests

I developed a bot for minting tbtc.
tBTC has been designed with the highest standards of security and usability.
This tBTC service provides mint management, supports tBTC transfers and things like deposit, update and redemption.
You can find instruction of installation and usage in guide-directory.

Also running a Beacon Random and ECDSA nodes.


Also running a beacon random node.
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