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Hi! My name is Igor and I'm from Russia.
I am the CEO of my small company that produces immersion baths and other mining equipment.

Hello! Even though I failed to win a prize in the past PFK, I did not despair and continued to promote Keep with my immersion baths production. The details of my work can be found in the last report. Due to the jump in the BTC price, we were able to increase the supply of our cooling baths for miners. At the same time, we began to receive more requests with questions about the principles of work and the areas of application of tBTC.
For 2 months more than 30 clients have written to us, and we are always ready to help them with advice! My nodes working well.

Despite the fact that POW mining, in my opinion, is becoming obsolete and losing its competitive advantages every day, we always have orders and we ship products even outside of Russia. After learning about Keep capabilities, I decided to share it with my clients. Now we send cooling baths with these stickers that encourage people to make a choice in favor of the new technology.We also attach business cards and information outlines of the project so that miners can easily navigate and use all the features offered by BTC and Keep.I launched Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes.:
Thanks and good luck Keepers:)
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