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Hi! I'm alias#3824
I'm so inspired to join KEEP community.
I'm blogger, swift developer, photographer and crypto enthusiast for sure! Can be useful for community with creation photo and video content, writing about KEEP in social media channels, translation (English, Russian, Polish), design.

Hi Community! I wish a great New Year for all of us I'm proud to be member of KEEP Community for a lot of month!
It was a cool time where I translated articles , created memes, run nodes, built application and made  
lots of other creativities This pfk I painted the postcard dedicated to New Year. You can look at it here:
I painted it with love and by myself. You can see the whole process here: I've created GIF and share with it in my Twitter with 874 followers For this PFK we were working with @SK for keep-node design

This is my second month of participation in PFK  (all my previous work you can find here:
and second month I'm happy to communicate with lots of dedicated, smart, positive people in this community!
It was a great month where we work hard and discuss a lot in node-installer group, round-tabl... and have a fun time in meme-builder.
I decided to create a news client/server application. It's called "NewsForKeep". You can find here all actual and reliable news  about Keep Network and for sure up to date Keep Network price chart 


1. I launched Beacon noda.

2.  I'm happy to raise awareness about KEEP Network project among different nationalities 
And I translated and published some articles for Polish speaking community.
Also I spread this information in my twitter.

3. I like chatting in telegram so much. And I noticed lack of our own Keep stickers.. especially some cute and bright.
I created the pack of keep stickers for us! Shared them to our russian channel. Hope we will use them!
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