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Hello everyone, I am a senior business analyst, product manager from Belarus.

I liked Duссa's idea and decided to help the project.
I have a couple of goals for a separate contribution, but I moved them to November, because there is a lot of work on the site.

My contribution:
  • supervising the development of the site so that it becomes convenient and useful as a product
  • project roadmap management
  • production of high-quality descriptions of important resources presented on the site (created at least 40)
  • review of all site content
  • analyze content, create categories, sections
  • design development management for each feature
  • help in generating ideas
  • created many covers 
How neatly the editorial work was done, you can check on the example of this link

Target user groups of the project:
  • participants of the competition - here you can find all the necessary information
  • the jury of the project - using the site it is convenient to evaluate the contribution of participants
  • developers
  • any users who discover the world of Keep
I wished that the project was not a dummy site, but something weighty, valuable.
I hope you enjoy the result. Feedback can be left using the link in the footer.

My node (ECDSA+Beacon) 0x7095491aD273fb96a6b89D198545Cb422e3a74cd
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