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Hi All, My name is Mahesh from India.
I am Java Developer.

My October PFK Submission:

I am participating in PFK since September.
Running both RB and ECDSA nodes since June and maintaining the nodes with all updates / releases on time.
Monitoring Setup Using Grafana, Prometheus and Loki. Thanks @Naga for assisting in monitoring node setup.


My September PFK :
I am Mahesh from India. This is my first PFK submission. Running RB and ECDSA nodes since Sept first week. Made all version updates on time.
Number of connected peers: RB : 2020-09-30T09:02:07.010Z        
INFO    keep-net-libp2p number of connected peers: [576] ECDSA : 2020-09-30T09:03:09.597Z        
INFO    keep-net-libp2p number of connected peers: [598]
Thanks to @Naga  for letting me kno about Keep project and helping to setup the nodes.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
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