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We are a group of DeFi community enthusiasts, and we have also been running validator nodes for some mainstream PoS projects, such as Polkadot, Cosmos, Tezos, etc. We have recently paid great attention to the project of introducing Bitcoin into the Ethereum ecosystem, and tBTC relies on a completely decentralized way to achieve this goal, which we think is very cool.
From design to development, the PoolingStakingKeep project will remain open source at all times, and enthusiasts in the community are also welcome to contribute. The combined solution of PoolingStakingConrtract smart contract and KeepStakingPortal is a relatively good Defi idea. We believe that it can attract a lot of people to actively participate.

1. Running Keep Random Beacon node with address: 0x328d487a0bfD0FFB4dA4Da775Ded4dECE0A857d6

2. Running Keep ECDSA node with address: 0x328d487a0bfD0FFB4dA4Da775Ded4dECE0A857d6

3. Design and develop the open source project PoolingStakingKeep,pooled KEEP operators that let small KEEP holders pool and run a node. For detailed introduction and development progress of the project, please check 
Project introduction:
In the Keep network, KEEP tokens can be used to participate in staking to obtain passive income, but whether it is Random Beacon Node or ECDSA node, there is a minimum requirement for the number of KEEP tokens, which is not friendly to those who hold a small amount of KEEP tokens. We propose a PoolingStakingKeep project to help these people gather and run a node together to obtain staking rewards.
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