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Hello everyone! My name is Dmitrii, i am from Russia, my main occupancy is crypto analyse.
My partner Larry #1086 and me keep pushing ourselves to involve Thailand crypto community in PFK and it would be awesome if someone from admins open thai subchannel in Global.

Beacon and ECDSA nodes running.

My main contribution in October PFK was Meetup organization in Moscow which took place on 25 October. There was 9 people in total and everything went smooth in friendly atmosphere. I would like to mark everyone who come there and many thanks to them again: fedyaheadshot#0553, nabulmar#3486, Qustt0662, vladimir#8343, Вова88#3635, protonsavvy#5865, Marina N#1033, smackMYbitches#0008 and me.

A few people were asking good questions like why do we need a tBTC and what differ it from wBTC. Despite answering those questions in personal, I made a simple info graphic which can be found below.

Photo Report Moscow Meetup:

My invitation MeetUp message, there was also one in Ru Telegram channel:


We translated latest PFK article and will do more translations
Also i run Beacon and ECDSA node.
And off course huge congrats to the team with tBTC launch, its such a big thing! Cheers
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