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Hello everybody I found out about KEEP this summer and started making my first, but not last contribution only in September! I've watched the community evolve and how hard everyone is trying to contribute to development. I couldn't stay away from such a big movement and started to act. I would like to see that in 5-10 years, when KEEP straightens his shoulders and will be a great successful company, I was proud that I was at the origins and did my part. I had the opportunity to join at the beginning and lay a brick in the foundation.

PKF in October:

1. I'm running Beacon and ECDSA node.

2. Creative 3 video logo KEEP.NETWORK and 1 logo tBTC.     
Link to download:

3. I like to ride a snowboard. There was an idea to decorate my snowboard. I was made design for six snowboards.    
Link to download:

4. I created a new logo for KEEP.NETWORK and the Brand Guidelines. Namely, how to use this brand correctly.    
Link: So, Examples of how the logo looks on the t-shirt   
Links:        5. I made a memes for the KEEP community.    

6. Two video about Miners, Changing the transaction order and inserting the transaction by miners and Advertising the official website.    Link:  That's all for now! Good luck to all! 


PKF in September:

I'm running the project's nodes.

Not an official account on instagram.
I decided that it would be useful if this account will be in the feed on Instagram and casual users will be able to familiarize themselves with the KEEP. Link:
There was a lot of inspiration In September, so I present my creative work. Links: I've prepared an educational mini-video on What are some use cases for Keep? Link:
In order not to spend a lot of time explaining to friends and acquaintances about what a keep is, a guide was created "How to play for KEEP". Link: That's all for now! Good luck to all!
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