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Work performed for the October PFK Two nodes were started: 0x8C62e7f1DB83e55a61e2AE27B2e1597124cDB9AB, 0xf4C76C7Be452A3299608d3fFbf2BE3B9684a7941  - Stickers for telegrams - Oak chair with logo backrest - Some delicious cakes in the form of the project logo


I have been keeping the keep-client node and ECDSA up and running since June.
I also created a GIF animation depicting the developers and infographics -
I also wrote several articles for the project:

1) The Grail in DeFi by Keep Network -
2) Comparing Keep ECDSA And Cosmos -
3) Use of Components of the KEEP Project in Building and Integration of DeFi Applications -
4) Project Keep and the principle of file replication -

There is also a video: Why should you buy Keep Network (KEEP) -

Keep Network Promo Video -

Keep promo 2 -


I'm running  keep-client and ECDSA nodes.
I also created an analytics panel in dune analytics
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources