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Hi everyone! My name is Yauhen.  
I was one of the first members of the Keep's discord group and found about the project KEEP Network at the first 2018.
I haven't been following cryptocurrency lately, because i work as a driver, but recently my brother told me about this wonderful project and i decided to participate and to be a part of that project.

My new design on oktober playing for KEEP.
Last month I did a web design for keepp and this month I decided to bring this design to life. About 46 hours were spent on this work.
I hope you enjoy it.I have set up both nodes Beacon and ECDSA nodes.


I am proud to be part of that project. I have made some works
I write the article about Improve  Bitcoin tooling
and i have made fine video in youtube about Succsess KEEPer
and made designs for KEEP NETWORK
cats  fine  design
I have set up both nodes Beacon and ECDSA nodes.
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